Atlas13 Is back. Let’s Get To Work

Work for today: JuggernautAI powerlifting Week 3 day 2

Incline bench: 135x8, 145x8, 150x8, 155x8

Nautilus leverage chest support row: 120x15, 120x15

Db military press: 45x17, 45x15

Back support v bar pushdown: 66x15, 66x17

EZ bar curl: 50x17, 50x16

Lifting time: 46 min

Conditioning: assault bike intervals
30 seconds work, 90 sec rest, 5 rounds


  • everything moved fast and easy, lots of MMC, lots of pump

How are these programmed ? Are you just picking a weight that is tough for 8 ?

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Nah, these were all actually very easy.

Program has me doing sets of 8, recording RPE. I think it assumes my incline bench will be lower given my flat bench max, my overhead and incline have always been proportionally stronger than most compared to flat. Gives me a weight to start, if the RPE is low then it bumps the weight a bit. Adding sets and weight over time.

Easy now, last time I ran this I almost quite because the first few weeks were so easy. Similar to Wendler, this programming really follows a “start too light approach,” but damn does it ramp up lol


Atlas The Rizz God is bestowing his chivalrous judgement. :raised_hands:


makes sense

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@simo74 (responding to your reply yesterday, still playing catchup) Thanks brother. Feeling good, feeling… aggressive, in the best of ways.

@T3hPwnisher I appreciate that. Feeling myself is definitely a good way of describing it. Certainly taken some big hits recently, but coming through the other side stronger and more capable than before, which is all I can really hope for.

@tlgains not gonna lie, you said something similar before, and I took it as a blanket compliment. Said it again, and I finally had to google what “rizz” meant lol. Appreciate the praise, and for helping me confirm that I am officially out of touch with the younger generation lol.

Finished out my day with 15 minutes in the sauna, an hour of mowing the lawn with a weighted backpack on, and then 5 sets of 3 pullups done sporadically while doing chores around the house.


Mate dont worry, I am out of touch with 2 generations … LOL

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So glad i caught up on your log now. Really cool to read that.
And I’ll google rizz now.


Make sure you google rizz and not jizz


I did. Very curious the etymology as I’m fascinated by that sort of thing, but not enough to waste the time or further contaminate my search history.

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Work for today: juggernautAI powerlifting week 3 day 3

Dead stop deficit deadlift: 135x5, 225x3, 315x3, 365x1, 385x6 (PR), 325x6, 325x6, 325x6

Spoto Press: 150x6, 150x6, 155x6

Front squat: 170x8, 170x8, 170x8

Hamstring curl: 85x16, 85x16, 85x16

Leg extension: 130x15, 130x15

GHD sit-up: 17,

Time: 1 hr 28 min

Bonus work:
Pull-ups: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3


  • happy with deadlift today. Probably had a bit more in me, but trying to keep my form tight on these. For doing these at a deficit, after not sleeping since Monday, running solely off of protein shakes, and ditching straps, I’m feeling pretty damn good with 385x6. Also, dead stop is drastically harder for me than touch and go, which is probably good long term, but humbling in the short. Actually, now that I think of it, this program is filled with things I hate. Paused deads, front squats, paused bench, SSB…. Almost like the program is letting me know the thing so don’t like are probably good for me. Imagine that.
  • my soft effeminate hands miss straps.
  • front squats and spoto press moved well
  • hamstring curls feel good, going slow and really feeling the squeeze. Leg extensions kind of bug my bad knee, but I almost wonder if doing them may be good for my patella? I mean, I did thousands of bodyweight leg extensions as part of physical therapy after the tear
  • just did some easy Pullup reps while stretching after my lift

Started a week of leave after work this evening. First time I’ve taken non-holiday leave in the Navy. Flying out Friday for a fishing trip in Colorado for a friends bachelor party, very excited.

Also, I’m taking a break. Not from lifting, but from working. First time in 4 years I’ve taken just some time that I didn’t owe to anyone. I’m gonna lift, but the diets on hold for a week, I’ll let myself have a few drinks, I’ll enjoy guilt free whatever debauchery we get up to this weekend. I’m not about to waste a potentially lifetime memory because I’m worried if the scale says 214 or 218 when I get back, I’ll get back to work on the cut as soon as I’m doing enjoying life.


That is some nice work right there.



have a great time


you should join @wiseman83 and me on a quest to a big front squat by the 17th August,


Yes. He should.

Do it @atlas13 . I need more souls to chase and take.


@wiseman83 and @simo74 clue me in on this please. Whats the game plan? What kinda numbers we talkin’?


No plan or numbers, just working up to a max single or triple over the next 12 weeks. You can train the front squat as often or little as you want. Winner is the one with the biggest front squat.


@simo74 @wiseman83 lol, idk how much peer pressure it would take for me to change up my training plan and goals just to win a silly internet competition….

…. But evidently the amount is less than 2 posts. Bring it on you Aussie bastards


Ah. Well at a bodyweight of 175lbs i have a great excuse for losing. But ill think of this every time i front squat.


This is 2.5 months away. You could easily be 190 by the end of this lol.

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