Atlas13 Is back. Let’s Get To Work

AM weight: 217.6 (nice)

Working overnight again today. Some fellas went on a good run, treated myself to a weekly cheat meal 5 guys bacon cheeseburger with medium fry. Still just the one meal, definitely more food than a true HSM, but I think beneficial In refueling after a week of strict compliance.

Also, I have not had a burger from there in years. I forgot about all the grease. Add that with the carbs, and I am ready to knock out some sleep…. And still have work to do. Mistakes were made


If there weren’t then you would not be trying hard enough.


Lol, I meant it more as a joke. As in, Jesus i ate way too much food that’s gonna put my ass to sleep at my desk

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This would make a great shirt.


No training today. Sitting in the ER lobby, had a sailor break under the pressure. Not the first in the past few months, but the most serious.


Sorry dude. Is this your ship? I forgot which one you said.

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Work for today: Juggernaut AI powerlifting week 2 day 1

SSB: 230x8, 215x8, 215x8, 215x8

Press: 95x8, 100x8, 100x8

Halting deadlift: 275x6, 275x6

Leg extension: 3x90x15

GHR: 15, 15

Ab wheel: 15, 15, 15

Lifting time: 1hr6 min

Conditioning: 20 minutes weird elliptical thing: 320 cal

20 min sauna


  • alright, back after an unexpected deload week. Weeks been terrible. Inconsistent diet just because I had several days where I unexpectedly wasn’t anle to go home after work, just working straight through, so a few vending machine meal days, no gym.
  • needed to sit down and figure a hard goal, now that the comp is canceled. I am very happy with the muscle and strength I have put on the last half year, all my lifts (minus bench) have exploded. It’s time to really make that final push. Cutting down hard. Putting a 4 month limit on this, with a goal weight of 190lbs.
  • saying goodbye to 531 for now. I love it, but I feel I’ve been milking it for a bit now, and am starting to stagnate. 531+cutting weight has always been bad news for my upper body strength. Holy hell do I love it when bulking though.
  • going to juggernautAI again. Had great success with their powerbuilding program last time. Trying out the powerlifting program this time, cycled out for 4 months to correspond with my cut. Logic is 1) I don’t think I am adding much muscle during a cut, but I do think I can push strength a bit 2) my fatigue levels are insanely variable, so I like that this program accounts for that 3) I feel like I have fallen into the volume variety trap a bit, some focused work on the big 3 should help center me a bit.
  • I think it’s possible to work at more than 1 goal at once; but it’s tough and they have to complement one another. So, big goal is to just cut fat while maintaining strength. Physique isn’t a goal, but may happen alongside. Not expecting to gain strength. Am going to push conditioning, as it complements the main strength weight loss goal, and contributes to the life goal of just being dangerous.

Alright, that’s a lot to say, new goals, new plan, let’s hit it.

Notes on todays actual workout:

  • used a rogue SSB. Don’t like it. Going back to the Titan or Elite FTS for all future SSB.
  • exaggeratedly perfect form on military press. Not going heavy, so these reps are pristine
  • halting deadlifts suck, in a good way. Basically doing 12 reps per set, all focused on off the ground work which is certainly where I’m weakest. Uncomfortable positioning, doing all reps dead stop. These are like vegetables. Good for me? Sure. Fun? No.
  • looking ahead at programming, whole lot of full body in my future. Never trained whole body in this manner before, excited to try something new.
  • went to one of my gyms other locations solely for the sauna. I’ve heard they are good for you, and I have always thought they felt amazing, thought it would just be relaxing. Totally worth it.

AM weight: 217.2


Nah, I’m 75, though it looks like we are gonna end up in a similar spot to the GW.


Sounds like a solid plan and I like the idea of you cutting down to 190. This should set you up for a good strength gain block after as you add some calories back in.

Work for today: JuggernautAI week 2 day 3

Incline bench: 135x8, 145x8, 150x8

Nautilus leverage row: 110x15, 110x15

Db shoulder press: 40x16, 40x17

Braced tricep pushdown: 66x15, 66x15

EZ bar curl: 50x15, 50x15

Maybe 45 minutes total lifting.

400m intervals, 90sec rest:
7.5 mph
200m intervals, 60 sec rest:
400m interval:
12 mph

15 minutes sauna

AM weight: 216.1

Notes for today:

  • today is a very light, hypertrophy focused day. Program only calls for the incline bench, everything else is just 2 sets 15ish reps on something that hits X body part. Definitely a lower effort day, really just getting and and pumping up the upper body.
  • I love whatever this row machine is. I find back machines can be very hit or miss depending on leverages, but this one works well for me
  • went nuts on my running today. I wasn’t planning on it; just kind of happened. Still believe that intervals are just a trap. Ya start one, and just want to keep pushing. Decided to do some 200m runs, just had an itch to push it on speed. The 12mph 200m wasn’t terrible, so I had the bad idea to do it for the 400m.
  • folks, I am not a runner. I don’t do it consistently. Im heavy. My form is crap. I have absolutely no business running a 400m at 12mph. I could feel myself start lagging at like .16 miles, and made the decision that I’d run until I either hit it, or fell off the treadmill. Fear of falling is great for speed lol. Made it; jumped up for treadmill, laid on the floor regretting life choices for 5 minutes
  • saunas again. I don’t have a good reason to do it, I know there’s some research out there that I haven’t looked at. But it feels good and I feel good after; plus it’s free lol.

On a different note, had my chest meal for the week today for breakfast today

Total 3 biscuits; lots of gravy, .75lbs turkey sausage, and 5 eggs: I ate this ate 7am, immediately went into a complete food coma and struggled to wake up until about 1100. Damn near felt like I was drugged, velocity diet just has my body absolutely not used to this level of carbohydrates and richness. Also, should have held this until after my workout, could definitely feel the gravy in my guts as I ran.


Work for today: JuggernautAI Powerlifting week 2 day 3

1” deficit dead stop deadlift: 350x6, 325x6, 330x6, 335x6

Spoto Press: 140x6, 145x6, 150x6

Front Squat: 160x8, 165x8, 165x8

Seated Hamstring curl: 75x15, 80x15, 80x16

Leg press: 360x16, 360x16

GHD sit-ups: 15, 16

1hr 10 min lifting

Conditioning: 15 min assault bike: 193 cal


  • deadlifts felt very good. Dead stop is different, and combined with the deficit, this really had me getting my leg drive in with every rep. Happy with that
  • spoto press…. Jury is out. Idk how it’s any more beneficial than regular bench. Also comically light, but that’s how this programming always starts
  • front squats felt good, had a super slow decent and kept form tight
  • strict velocity diet the last two days. Only shakes. Not a fan. Not for hunger, that actually isn’t noticeable. But the without any solid food in me; the shakes rapidly exit my body near the consistency they entered it.
  • ya know; deads really felt good today. I know it’s not crazy weight, but these were crisp reps, all dead stop, running off a 36 hour shift and eating nothing but protein shakes while dropping weight like crazy. Damn happy with how my strength is holding up

Would’ve guessed you were more of an Apple Music guy tbh

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  1. whoops, typo
  2. idk what offends me more. The fact you assume I’m an Apple Music guy, or the fact you are right :joy::joy::joy:

T-ransformation results




Clear progress here mate and back looking hench. Just keep chipping away and look forward to the future .


Work for today: JuggetnautAI Powerlifting Week 2 day 4

Spoto press: 155x8, 155x8, 160x8, 160x8

Dead stop Deadlift: 275x5, 275x5

SSB good morning: 160x8, 160x8

Db lat raise: 20x15, 20x15, 20x15

Overhead DB extension: 65x15, 65x15, 65x15

Lat pulldown: 130x15, 130x15, 130x15

EZ bar curl: 50x15, 50x15, 50x15

Lifting: 1hr 21 min

Bonus work: superset
Band pull apart: 5xGx10
Neck flexion: 5x20x15


  • spoto press moving well, all these sets were extremely light, so I had the bar speed flying
  • deadlift was supposed to be a technique day. So weight not really a factor, just practicing clean reps
  • need to figure out good mornings again, but I felt like these moved pretty well. Narrow stance, pretty straight legs. I feel like I could go squat stance and good morning some serious weight, but that seems better for my ego than my squat lol

@simo74 had to google what Hench meant lol. Thanks, appreciate it. For anyone who says deadlifts aren’t effective back builders, I just have to respectfully say BS lol


Sorry mate, forget that slang words aren’t always global. You are spot on about heavy deadlift and building a big back.

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Work for today:

Pull-ups: 1, 1, 3, 5

JuggernautAI Week 3 day 1

SSB squat: 240x8, 225x8, 225x8, 230x8, 230x8

Press: 100x8, 100x8, 105x8, 105x8

Halting deadlifts: 285x6, 285x6

Goblet squat: 50x15, 60x15, 70x15

GHR: 15, 15

Ab wheel: 15, 15, 15


  • SSB felt good, still moving well
  • Form on press is just immaculate. Slow decent, explode up, don’t allow any lean. If I’m doing light weight, I’m gonna make these reps textbook
  • halting deadlifts still suck in a good way
  • back to top: tried some pull-ups today, first time in months, haven’t touched these at all since the elbow got angry with me. Felt great, reps were easy, going explosive up and then 2-3 seconds down, keeping form tight. Going to keep just doing a few submax sets of these while I’m doing my warmup stretches, give it a couple months and I’ll start subbing them back in as a primary movement
  • did this lift at home gym, so no leg extensions, goblet squats instead

In other news: (wildly, wildly off topic, but at this point I’ve accepted that this log is equal parts a journal and a training log, so completely ignore if you only care about the barbell, no offense is taken)

Had my first “first” date in 11 years yesterday into this morning. A girl I met in college flew out and we spent the day in DC. Lunch in the city, went to some art museums, plans for a fancy dinner that we never ended up making it too…

Without question the most beautiful girl I have ever taken out. I had the most amazing time. She was so sweet, so kind, wicked smart with the cutest sense of humor. And as for the rest…. Jesus Christ…

And now I’m going to take a minute to boast, to brag, because honestly I’m just feeling pretty damn good right now, and with how life’s been lately I need to celebrate these times.

I just had one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. Romancing a drop dead stunning foreign girl, who flew across the damn country to see me. Staying in a 5 star hotel, eating at upscale DC restaurants, touring art galleries and grabbing wine by the bottle to bring back to the hotel. She may come from some serious money (note: SERIOUS money), but I grew up on food stamps. The fact that I’m able to provide this kind of an experience without really worrying about my finances is just amazing to me, it’s just nothing I ever thought would be possible for a guy whose first job was shoveling horse manure.

And then there is her. I could go on for a long time here, but not while respecting her privacy. Suffice to say, this girl is way, way out of my league, and thank god I’m funny lol.

But more so than just how much I liked her, it was amazingly… I’m not sure… I don’t want to say therapeutic because that makes it sound more clinical and intense than I mean… but comforting perhaps, some of the things she said about me, that just boosted my ego in ways it hasn’t been in a long time. I’m a pretty self confident guy, I don’t really have many things I’m insecure about, but it’s still pretty nice to have someone validate things you personally take pride in. A few personal ones I won’t share, but a few I will.

At one point she was playing with the calluses on my hands, and I was slightly worried over how scarred and rough my hands are at this point. Instead she said “your hands are so worn, so capable, they just feel like they can take on the world.” At little sappy? Yes. Hit me in exactly the right spot? Also yes.

We were walking down the street and there was a large puddle of water. Just as we were walking I put my hands around her waist and picked her up over the water. I didn’t really think about it, used to do that all the time with my ex, but it seriously caught her off guard. She was flustered in the best of ways, and commented on how effortlessly strong I was. For a meathead, that’s better than gold.

And last one to share, at one point she was rubbing my traps and just says “god you are just so masculine”. As @T3hPwnisher said, traps are the REAL love handles lol. But also, to have a 10/10 gal talk about how manly I am after I spent all day walking around art galleries and drinking wine says some damn good things about how I project myself to the world. Or, at least to her.

So yeah, it’s been a damn good weekend. Had breakfast in DC this morning before taking her back to the airport, then drove home and hit this lift in my garage. Definitely feeling the effects of the multiple bottles of wine that were emptied last night, but also not regretting a damn moment of it.

I’m feeling good, while life is terrible, if that makes any sort of sense. Work is getting bad, I can’t go a week without a sailor having a breakdown, finalizing a divorce is a pain even if I wanted it, some family is having health troubles, just a lot of negative aspects to life right now. But I am thriving. The hits keep coming, and I keep on pushing them aside. Maybe I only get 2 hours of free time a week to handle all of life’s admin, but by hell I’ll get it done. Maybe I have to work out after not sleeping for 2 days and only consuming protein shakes, but god dammit I’m gonna move some weight. Maybe my sailors are struggling, but hell or high water they will never say that I was not there for them when they needed me. Life’s a challenge, but I am for than up for it. Let’s fucking go.


Lots to like in that last post mate, but just going to quote this. Quality


Love so much about this post. You’re really feeling yourself here, and it’s awesome. Excited to see the pivot and growth. Just fantastic all around here.