Atlas13 Is back. Let’s Get To Work

By this do you mean you are on call but actually sleeping or that you are working a full 24 hours ?

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@simo74 A little bit of both in theory, just working in practice. So your stuck on the ship regardless, Basically senior watch station in an engineering plant. Expected to work whenever there’s production work happening, and then you can sleep when nothing is going on. However, we have a day and nights team so that we can run 24/7, but we don’t have enough of my position to support the days and nights. So, we normally just end up going full send. 0730 from one day to 0730 the next, at which point you are expected to still stay there for the remaining working day until about 1900. Higher ups justify that by saying we are allowed to sleep during our shifts. I know of only 1 guy who even attempted, and he ended up getting woken up at like 0300 and screamed at for holding up work.

Thus my extreme caffeine addiction lol.

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Makes sense but also sucks. Sounds like a reduction on hours if definitely a good thing

Yeah, not great. Shouldn’t be a permanent situation, just kinda the phase we are in currently. Still, today was a huge win, and I am psyched about it lol.

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Those benefits and salary better be as high as a gen-z broccoli haired teenager in a high school bathroom. That’s crazy man.

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Lol, the pay is pretty solid, just over 6 figures with a ton of benefits. Can’t say I’m not compensated, just don’t ever ask me to calculate my hourly wage lol


“A sleepy fatigued person is accident prone, judgement impaired and more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions. Staying awake for 24 hours leads to a reduced hand-to-eye coordination that is similar to having a blood alcohol content of 0.1. This is why sleep deprivation contributes to road accidents and work injuries.”

Surely the quality of decision making for anyone in such a sleep deprived state couldn’t bode well for outcomes (on a ship or anywhere for that matter)…?

I’m sure you’re across this already, but doesn’t read at all well for yourself and others in the same situation.

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@raven78 I very much agree. Wreaks hell on you after long enough, especially if they get into the rotating shift schedules, though you do actually get a little more sleep usually when doing that.

Edit: FWIW, I always feel like a little wimp if I complain about schedule or fatigue. In my head I just think, ya know everyone has work, everyone’s gotta fit things into their schedule. Seeing everyone’s responses to me listing my hours makes me feel a little bit better about having issues lol.


Work for today: 531 c3w3d3

Press: 45x15, 95x5, 130x5, 145x3, 165x1+ (6, PR)
Widowmaker: 130x13

Lat pulldown: 155x12, 155x11, 155x10, 155x9

Cybex press: 180x12, 180x11, 180x10, 180x6

Machine shoulder raise: 70x15, 70x15, 70x15

1 arm cable row: 70x15, 70x15, 70x15

Alt Hammer Curl: 30x12, 30x12, 30x12
Tricep ext machine: 70x12, 70x12, 70x12


  • very happy with Press. Got lightheaded as all get out after my set with 145, was worried about the 165. Shouldn’t have been. Moved well, just lots of raw aggression in that lift lol. Didn’t have hardly any lean until the 6th rep, and even that wasn’t terrible. Good lift. Widowmaker went okay, definitely a little fried after the PR set.
  • accessory work all felt decent. No complaints.

Awesome! Well done.



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Alrighty, some exciting news.

I’ve been feeling a little bit stagnant in my training lately. Let me rephrase, I have been hating my training lately. Just felt aimless in the gym. Lost the weight, did my little bulk, all that was good, but then what? I tried to sell myself on the T-ransformation, but I’ll be honest, I’m just not an aesthetics guys. I found myself worrying about leg extensions and rear delts, and that just does not jive with how I like to train. My whole history has been sports or military, I need that competitive edge to kind of push me in the right direction.

Well, I know this about myself, but I didn’t do anything to take advantage of it. Until I realized how dumb i was being. Looked up strongman competitions yesterday, and found one that looks awesome. Registered to compete as a Novice LW in late July.

This gives me 4 months to prepare for the show, and I could not be more excited. Already, I’m way more excited about training. Need to figure out some strongman stuff, but the thought already just has my blood flowing. No more leg extensions or worrying about biceps, I’m going into the gym with the one goal of being freaking strong and conditioned.

Need to be under 230 for the show. Like 234 right now at peak bulk, so no real concerns there. Thinking I’d like to be about 215-220 at the show, normally a good spot for me in terms of maintaining strength while letting my conditioning shine.

Events for the show;
-1: .Yoke/Carry Medley

Athlete will start under the yoke. Run the yoke 50ft down. Sprint back to the start, grab bag/keg run back down 50ft as fast as possible in 60sec. Unlimited drops, slide penalties will apply. No shouldering bag/keg.

-2: Axle clean & press (Wessels Rules)

Athlete will have 3 60 second attempts to clean and press an axle for max weight. If you miss an attempt you are out. Belt cleans are allowed, no built up belts allowed.

-3: Deadlift Ladder

Athlete will have 75 seconds to deadlift a pair of farmers handles and walk/run them 40ft. Then move onto the wagon wheel w/ power bar deadlift. Lastly move to a conventional Texas/Ohio deadlift bar for as many reps until time elapses. . Straps are not allowed on farmers deadlift but are allowed on the other 2 bars

-4: Hand over hand pull

Athletes will start seated with feet secured against a block with a rope in hand and pull a sled 60ft hand over hand for the fastest time in 60sec

-5: Stone for Stone

Athletes will go head to head at stone over bar for max reps. There will be an athlete on each side of the yoke. The starting athlete will have 30sec to lift the stone over the bar, then the other athlete will have 30sec to return the stone over bar. This will happen until one person can no longer return the stone in the 30 second time limit. Most reps wins the event. In case of uneven athlete numbers we will have staff roll stone back to athlete who will have 30sec each attempt. All amateur women’s classes bar height will be 42". All mens amateur classes bar height will be 52"

Really excited for this. Think I am best prepared for the deadlifts and axle, though I need to learn push press for the axle. My big worries are the Yoke and the Stones, very little experience with either. I do have both at my gym, though only 2 atlas stones that both look very heavy lol. Rope pull…. Idk how that will go, but I’m definitely gonna get myself used to some ropes.

Very excited for this. Expect some more strongman moves in the log, and some all American aggression on the barbell. Let’s get to work.

Work for today: 531 c3w4d1


Deadlift: 135x5, 225x3, 315x1, 325x5, 370x3, 410x1+ (0, messed up my brace), 410x1+ (8, PR)
Widowmaker: 325x10

SSB squat: 70x10, 160x3, 230x8, 230x8, 230x10

Sandbag over bar: 80x5, 150x5, 150x5

Sandbag front carry: 150lbsx55ft, 150x55

Ab wheel: 10, 10, 10
Rope kb upright row: 44x12, 44x12, 44x12

Conditioning: 30 min elliptical


  • had a big night out last night for st.pattys day. Went through a couple Guinness and the better part of a bottle of Tullamore Dew, and a couple cigars. So yeah…. Hurting a little bit walking into this one lol.
  • got into my jumps today. Set up some hurdles progressively higher, and was bounding over them. Felt good, felt athletic, definitely got a few stairs at the fat dude hopping around.
    -really screwed up my brace that first go at 410, got about 2 inches off the round and said nope, starting this set over. Glad I did, happy with 410x8.
  • SSB seems like a good “get dumb strong” lift which I hope will carry over to stones and the sandbag carry well. Back in rotation.
  • sandbag over bar…. Shit. This is harder than I thought it would be lol. Sandbag kept rotating out of my hands. 4 months to practice. Second set went far better than the first, so I think the learning curve will be quick.
  • throwing some upright rows on the end, just because I’ve never seen a successful strongman who wasn’t yoked as hell lol.

Equally important: the food that fueled the training (and lessened the hangover…)



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2x the awesome in here today! Congratulations and congratulations.

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Strong work, buddy. VERY impressive pull!

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Work for today; 531 c3w4d2

Bench; 45x10, 135x5, 180x5, 205x3, 230x1+ (5, not a PR but beat last cycle)

Axle clean and Push press: 75x5, 125x3, 145x3,
165x1 (got dizzy, fell down and passed at as I was dropping the bar. Didn’t even feel like a hard lift, idk what happened),
165x1 (did not pass out, felt easy, very confused what happened on that last lift), 175x0 (failed the clean),
175x1 (got the clean),
185x0 (failed the clean)
185x0 (failed the clean),

1 arm db row: 85x10, 85x10, 85x10, 85x11

Mag Lat pulldown: 150x10, 150x10, 150x10

Hammer curl: 25x12, 25x12, 25x12


  • happy with bench. 230x5 was tough but maneagable. Training max probably still too high, will reset after this.
  • axle press. This is gonna suck. Never tried a continental clean before, but i know I need to learn it for this comp. Belt bite is real, and I keep dropping the bar when I try to swap over my hand. More painful than i thought it would be lol, actually pinched my skin hard enough to draw a little blood. I can press whatever I can clean, I think it’s the clean itself that I need to learn in order to get this. Push press is still garbage, not sure if it’s actually anything stronger than my regular press, but seeing as the clean is my limiting factor rn, I’m not too worried about the push press part.
  • my biceps are absolutely fried from the sandbags Saturday. Didn’t expect that, but more sore than I’ve ever been able to get them from curls. Upper back is torched too.
  • my right elbow is feeling good for the first time in forever, which I credit to cutting out chins and using straps for everything. That being said, I need to work on grip again. Goodbye straps.
  • hit this all coming off an overnight shift, which is a PR in and of itself lol.

Aforementioned belt bite:


Work for today: 531 c3w4d3

Squat: 45x10, 135x5, 185x3, 245x5, 280x3, 310x1+ (9, HUGE PR), 340x1, 365x1

Wagon wheel deadlift; 135x5, 225x3, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1, 455x1, 465x1, 475xnope, 405x3

50ft farmers walk: 90lbs, 140lbs, 170lbs, 190lbs (PR by default, nearly dropped it, had 60ft in me max), 170x50

Giant set:
Side bend: 60x15, 60x15, 60x15
Seated db clean: 15x15, 15x15, 15x15


  • absolutely ecstatic on squats. 315x6 was a comeback PR for this log, and that was done a long time ago at like 30lbs heavier. I definitely could have hit 315x9, was considering doing a 10th rep. Think I had it in me, but it would have tanked the rest of my workout. Still, massive squat gains happening very quickly, finally figuring out form is really allowing rapid progress there. Also just crazy how different my form is now post knee surgery vs the close stance high bar I used to do.
  • jokers moved great too. Getting used to that kind of weight on my back, but 340 flew up. 365 felt heavy, and when I got to the bottom I had a second of doubt, but the weight was actually freaking crisp moving up. Definitely had some in the tank, and that’s after the PR set not 5 minutes prior. My forever 405 goal may not be too far away.
  • really just wanted to work up and see where I was at for a baseline on wagon wheel deadlifts. 465 is…decent. I thought I’d be stronger, I’m confident I could regular deadlift more than that. Then again, this has the bar starting almost exactly where I lose most of my deadlifts… damn. Time to work.
  • The event is timed, so I’m slightly worried on time to strap up. Takes me forever. Might get a pair of figure 8 straps for the comp. @T3hPwnisher any take on if they are notably faster for a competition?
  • only counting weight added to farmers since I don’t know the handle weight. Custom handles at the gym, I’d guess at least 25lbs a pair, so im actually doing at least 215lbs per hand. Weights aren’t released yet for the events, so hopefully that will be somewhere in the ballpark of what we have to do.

Well done

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So much awesome there! Nice job.