Atlas Stones

Hey what’s up i just ordered a slater stone mold and i was trying to find some info on what type of cement to use. is just portland good or should i use a mix of another type like Sakrete with some sand? i was also wondering about how many bags it will take i ordered the 18 in stone mold. any info will help thanks

So I just got done making a couple 18" stones w/ Slater molds.

Here’s the concrete that I used and was recommended to me by other strongmen, Sakrete 5000 Plus:

For me, an 18" mold filled with all concrete used 2 1/2 80lb bags. I just made another one with an 8" styrofoam ball in the middle and that one used just over 2 bags. I mixed up the last half of the other bag and didn’t use it all. I also plan on making an 18" stone with a 10" ball in the middle and that should use right at 2 bags.

My all concrete stone came out to 227 lbs after 2 weeks of curing. I’ve been told it will slowly get a bit lighter over time. Hope this helps.


What this guy said. I was thinking of getting a set of these molds myself. Definitely use 5000 psi high strength cement like jj did. If I remember right it only costs like a buck more a bag, and you know your stones are going to take a beating so it’s kind of an easy decision.

My other idea, if you really want to go all out, would be to use some cement coloring$50
It’s not necessary and is kind of expensive, but if you are going to make multiple stones with styrofoam or lead in them, it would be nice to color code them since you won’t be able to tell the different weights apart without picking them up. Of course, spray paint would work fine too, but the cement stain will last longer and it looks really nice.