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Atlas Stones Assistance Work

Once I lap the stone standing up with it and loading is easy.
My weakness is breaking the stone off the ground and getting it lapped.
any suggestions on working this weakness?


[quote]zephead4747 wrote:

Zercher Deadlifts?

More stone work

Are you using tacky? If not you really should.

Just the usual stuff, deadlifts, squats, powercleans.

I heard a lot of people do stiff leg deadlifts to help with stones.

Kalle’s right tacky is a huge help.

already using tacky

[quote]malonetd wrote:
More stone work[/quote]


It sounds like a smartaleck answer, but it’s actually the best one. Seriously. There is nothing that I have EVER done that springs to mind as being like an atlas stone. The only thing that MIGHT be similar is that loading pin they sell on elite, filling it up with bumper plates and lifting that. If youre weak at stones my best advice is to a) get stronger overall - legs, low back, chest, back and b) get stronger with the stones - i only ever trained them once/week and that was enough for me. Just get better every time, in one way or another. load to a box an inch higher, load a stone 10 lbs heavier, load a stone 2x instead of 1, do the exact same stone to the exact same box for the exact same number of reps - but this week do two sets instead of one. Give it time, be patient. It will come.