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Atlas Stones and Grip Failure


My gym recently got some stones and I have been working with them a bit for conditioning purposes. The 150 lb stone I use provides no grip problems whatsoever so long as it is free of my sweat slime. But when I move to the 200 lb stone... Forget it. I can't lift it right now except maybe 3" off the ground and then my grip gives out. What can I do to improve my crushing of the stone when I wrap it prior to lifting? I want to get 200 by the end of the summer and 250 by the end of the year. Thanks.


work your biceps and chest more. squeeze your arms together so tight it feels like your biceps are going to rip off the arm.

that was the advice i got from the guy at my gym that loads over 400lbs stones. that and tacky. tacky adds 100lbs to the top stone i can lift.


Pretty much that and duct tape.

As a side note, in only added about 60 to mine (from 290 to 350 @ 54")


chalk hands and inside of forearms. the initial pull is essentially a row to the lap. work on heavy rows and make sure you chalk up before attempting that 200# stone.


I like to use athletic tape. If your skin is sensative to the adhesive wrap your arms with prewrap, then put a layer of athletic tape over that.