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Atlas Stone, Yoke,& Log


So, everyone knows strongman equipment is freaking expensive. Any advise for someone with a low budget that still wants decent equipment?


Your best bet for value would be used equipment or a local contact who makes equipment. You can go with a chain yoke if you are looking for better value, and another benefit to this would be that they are more challenging so you would not have to purchase as much plate weight.

With stones you only need 1-2, but the log could be a bit expensive. In some cases it may be worthwhile to simply train with someone who has a log or spend a little bit of extra money to drive somewhere that has a log rather than purchasing your own.


Pitbull Strongman for the log. Not sure of the best way to contact him these days, but he makes great stuff for reasonable prices.

For the Atlas Stone:

That'll get you at least some moderate practice with "Atlas Stones." Although it's not the real thing, it does a decent job I think. My first time doing stones didn't feel overly weird like a lot of people think they do, which is probably because I did the mock atlas stone technique for a few workouts.




Thanks, and as far as driving somewhere is out of the question. No gym or anyone i know around this areah or even close has that type of stuff. Im looking into buying stone molds off ebay right now if I can be the high bidder :slightly_smiling:


For stone molds I would definitely go with Slater molds (not sure if those are the Ebay ones or not), I would just get an 18" mold if you are a LW or a 20" mold if you are a HW. The 18" will make stones ranging from 200-300 lbs, and a 20" will make stones ranging from about 290 lbs to 400+ lbs.

Where in Virginia do you live? There are a number of places that have strongman equipment and there should be one within driving distance that has a log. If you definitely want to purchase your own then a log from Pitbull would be my recommendation.


I know of people with equipment in Reston, Harrisburg, Norfolk and a place not too far from Danville. You close to any of those places?


Im in Tazewell. And I am not very close to those places, the closest one is about 4hrs away.