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Atlas Stone Training Alternatives?


I have access to stones that are about an hour drive away but I am looking for similar alternatives that I can do on my own. I'm just starting to test the waters with strongman training and don't really have the space store my own but there have to be some alternatives.

EliteFTS has an item called the stone trainer that is basically just a bar to hold plates I could make pretty easily. A 5 gallon water bottle filled with metal shot and sand might work but probably wouldn't last very long.

Anyone have any good ideas or is building my own version of the stone trainer the best bet?


Can you make your own stones? Kinda time consuming, but not complicated, really. And the most expensive part is the plaster.


There's nothing quite like doing the actual stones. The closest might be keg or sandbag loading. But all three of these have a very different feel and pick up.

I'm familiar with the stone trainer you're talking about. In my opinion, there is very little carryover to actual stone lifting.

If you have access to stones that are only an hour away, I suggest you make plans to train on those stones. You could probably make gains by even going only once every two weeks. I don't think an hour drive is too unreasonable if it's only twice a month.


You could also do the bearhug deadlift. Surely not anywhere near as effective as actually using the stones themselves, but much better than other exercises.



Make the trip 1x per week or every other week. That is worth it. I make the 1hr trip every weekend to get my event work in and it is totally worth it to me.


take the collar off a bar... load with plates, and lift like a stone

but still... get up earlier and drive to the real stones.


You will never be able to replicate the awkwardness and feel of lifting a stone. Like someone else said, your best bet would be kegs and sandbags, or to just make your own (which requires only some plaster, concrete, and a beach ball). As far as trying to replicate it in the gym, its nearly impossible, but I suppose the Zercher lifts would be the only even remotely close way to do so.


I've found a few different ways of training grip on stones when I don't have access. I've tried more things than you can think of since I travel so much. However, I still think that if you're serious about this sport you need to man the fuck up and lift some stones. This probably isn't the answer you're looking for, but it's the truth.




Put a stack of 45's on a ten so you can get your fingers under them and do rows. The more plates you use the more they're gonna slide and make holding on to them even harder. I got this tip from a professional strongman and it really helps, especially during the first part of the lift.


Which pro gave you this advice?

There is NOTHING close to a large diameter stone. Sorry.

Make the trip once a week and just go balls out on the events.


My advice would be to drive an hour to train with the stones. They take a lot out of you and you do not need to train stones on a regular basis to become proficient - once every two weeks would be sufficient.

If you are looking for something to do at home then go to an Army/Navy store and purchase a large duffle bag and fill it with sand/rocks/plates then duct tape it for reinforcement. Sandbags are tough to lift/load and will provide you with some carryover to stones; I would not recommend the 'stone trainer' unless you are just looking for a row variation.