Atlas Stone Rows Experiences?

Is anyone doing Atlas Stone rows in their training?

I like the idea for getting familiar with the stone but I personally don’t (try to) row it in a load/shoulder so I don’t know if there is much carryover to be had.

Any personal accounts?

I found negatives much more useful. I unloaded the stones and set them down. or just extended up like I was loading and then went back to the ground. And I am considered to be pretty decent with the stones,

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Honestly Atlas stones Cut up my forearms so bad they I to limit my activity with them. I do enjoy the occasional natural stone row though, But haven’t done it enough to say whether or not it has a ton of carryover.

As mentioned above, deloading stones after loading them, is pretty useful. Heavy sandbag loads/rows also are good, if you have access to them… and you don’t need tacky, tape, etc. to get a good training session.

I do sandbag rows and carries. They are good to row with.

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