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Atlas: Starting from Scratch

Work for today:

Hammerstrength row: 140x8, 150x8, 160x8, 160x
Bench: 165x8, 175x8, 185x8, 165x6

Hammer strength pulldown: 90x10, 110x10, 120x10
Press: 95x8, 100x8, 100x8

Giant set:
Tricep pushdown: 65x12, 65x12, 65x12
Cable curl: 30x12, 35x12, 35x12
DB lat raise: 20x12, 20x12, 20x12

-that set of 185 on bench took it out of me, really lost a lot of strength in this movement over the last year. Had nothing left in the tank for the last set with 165.
-overhead felt good, always did love the press as a movement.
-done at the base gym, used hammerstrength because it was near the rack, easy to superset. I really, really love hammerstrength for back work. Not a big machine guy overall, but damn I’d love to add a few of these to my gym someday. Let’s me get a squeeze in my back like nothing else.

Giant set:


Cool to see you are still at it. Keep it up.

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Hey man,

Thanks for reaching out, definitely here to keep grinding. Got some catching up to do, but I intend to come back better than ever.

Work for today:

Giant set:

Bench jumps: 3, 3, 3, 3
Trap bar deadlift: 150x3, 240x3, 300x8, 320x8, 340x8, 350c8
Russian twist: 10, 10, 10, 10

Giant set 2:

Bench jumps: 3, 3, 3
Front squat: 135x8, 135x8, 135x8
Lying leg raise: 8, 8, 8


Banded Good Morning: 15, 15
Walking lunge: driveway, driveway


  • Beat the hell out of last weeks work on the deadlifts. Happy with that.
  • Front squats felt FAR better than they did last week. Tacked on a couple more reps, but more than anything these felt “right”, really feeling my quads for the work rather than falling forward and using the hips. Think I just needed a week to get my body used to squats again.
    -My rack still isn’t here (thanks Titan), so I have to clean the bar in order to front squat. Not normally a big deal, but the movers have my collars. On the second set, the weight slipped a good 8 inches down the collar on my left side, was fighting the weird balance all set. Whoops
    -down 1 notch on my belt. Pioneer cut so that’s not really much but hey, it’s only been a week that I’ve had it.
  • overall, happy with this session. I’m not entirely sure if I am getting stronger so much as “re-learning” how to access the strength I’ve already got. I suspect I’ve got a few more weeks of just getting my body primed to move weight again, and then the grind to build strength will start a bit more earnestly. (AKA, massive gains for like 3 weeks then a more realistic progression rate)

Work For Today:

Neversate Linear Week 2 day 3:

Giant set 1:
Banded Pull Up: 3, 3, 2, 2,
Overhead Press: 95x8, 105x8, 115x8, 115x7
Read delt Fly: 15x8, 15x8, 15x8, 15x8

Giant set 2:
Axle row: 85x10, 95x10, 105x20
Bench: 135x10, 145x10, 155x6
Face Pull: 12, 12, 12

Giant Set 3:
Axle curl: 45x10, 45x10, 45x10
Push-ups: 5, 5, 5
Lat raise: 15x12, 15x12, 15x12,


  • POWER RACK FINALLY CAME IN!!! Rushed home from work to throw it together as soon as I could. Definitely a two man job to put together, but I was able to pull it off with some pretty sketchy balancing and a slight dent in the garage wall….
    -Titan T3 short 36 inch power rack. All in all, it’s pretty solid. Navy movers still have all my tools, so I was only able to get the bolts hand tight, which is probably making it a little more shaky than it will be. Tested out the dip bar on it, and the feet moved quite a bit. Overall, usable, but definitely want some added stability before doing dips or trying Kipling pull-ups (which I’ve never done, but the wife is Into CrossFit so im sure it’s gonna happen)
    -now that I’ve seen it in person, wish I got the tall rack. Pull-up bar placement is just a tad short for me. Not terrible, but I do have to bend my legs a bit. Honestly not concerned, still very happy with the rack.
  • The stories of Titan shopping are true. My packages came beat to absolute hell, parts of the rack exposed and a little dinged up, Terrible smell and some small black bugs all in the packaging. Still, free shipping.

Okay, enough fanboy on my rack, workout notes:
-I am fat and Pull-ups suck. Most I have ever done was 27 back in high school wrestling season, I’d be happy to get back to 20. Hell, I’d be happy to get back to 10 with where I’m at now. Still, with my lats getting stronger and dropping a good chunk of weight, these should come back strong within the year.
-presses felt good. Decided not to use the belt, going back to an old policy of no belt for under 135 press, 185 squat, 275 deadlift. Just no reason to need extra bracing at the lighter weights.
-notice I’m burning out quickly. Possible due to the long days and it being hot as hell, but my conditioning is also just shot. The later sets end up hurting pretty good just because my muscles don’t want to keep going. I think the giant set format will do good things for helping build back my conditioning
-overall, great day


I’d like to see how the never sate linear goes.

Work for today:

Giant set 1:
Box jump: 1, 3, 3, 3, 3
Squat: 45x5, 135x3, 185x8, 205x8, 225x8, 205x8,
Russian twist: 10, 10, 10, 10,

Giant set 2:
Box jump: 3, 3, 3
Axle RDL: 135x10, 135x10, 135x10,
Lying leg raise: 10, 8, 9

Accessory work

Glute bridge: 1x25
Sit-ups: 10
Mopping up sweat: infinity


  • squats felt better today. Still just getting back into the groove, but was able to bump up my weight, with my form feeling even better than the lighter weight last week.
  • used the axle for RDLs, holding this double overhand. I like this. Lighter weight always does great things for me on RDLs, and using the axle while sweaty as hell really gives my grip a challenge.

Work for today:

Neversate linear week 2 day 4:

Giant set:
Axle row: 115x8, 115x8, 115x8, 115x8
Bench: 165x8, 185x8, 185x7, 165x7,
Band pull apart: 10, 10, 10, 10

Giant set 2:
Banded Pull-ups: 2, 2, 2
Axle Press: 75x10, 85x8, 95x10 (PR by default)
Rear delt raise: 15x8, 15x8, 15x8

Giant set 3:
Axle curl: 45x10, 45x10, 45x10,
Lat raise: 15x10, 15x10, 15x10
Clean High Pull: 95x8, 95x8, 95x8

Conditioning: mowed lawn. Hey, it counts


-bench went pretty well. Weights felt better than last week, though still gassing out in the later sets. Pretty pissed at my last set of 185, especially when I have distinct memories of just manhandling this weight as back off sets. Hard to compare where I am now to where I was a few years ago, but doing the work to get back where I need to be.
-Axle overhead went decent. PR by default as I’m new to the movement. I actually liked the feeling of pressing an axle. Really need to get some collars, weights are sliding all over the place.
-on that note, I never really felt like I got my grip on the axle right. As in, I always felt like I was just a bit off centered. Think I need to make some sort of marker on the bar to let me know where my center is, then adjust from there.


That bench will go up in no time man.

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Hopefully. I’m also cutting weight, so I need to be somewhat honest with myself about how much stronger I’m going to get while in a deficit. Progress is definitely possible, but not as fast as if I was stuffing my face everyday. Either way, I’ll get there

Conditioning Part 2:
800+ meter dead sprint taking off after my dog who got out of the fence.

Hit the little shit with a full on tackle as he was running up to a neighbors dog (he’s friendly, but scary looking, so neighbor was slightly horrified). He popped up happy as could be, thinking this was the funnest game ever.

Done with this damn dog.


Work for today:

Neversate linear Week 3 Day 1

Giant set 1:
Bench jump; 3, 3, 3, 3,
Trap deadlift: 150x3, 240x3, 310x8, 330x8, 360x8, 360x8
Russian twist: 10, 10, 10, 10

Giant set 2:
Bench Jump; 3, 3, 3
Front squat: 135x8, 145x8, 145x8
Lying leg raise: 8, 8,8

Giant set 3:
Banded chin; 2, 2, 2
Banded good morning: 10, 10, 10
Walking lunge: driveway

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Work for today:


AMRAP 15 minutes
5 power cleans 95lb
5 burpee pull-ups
5 squats
5 push-ups

Total: 6 rounds + 5 power cleans


-this. Sucked.

  • god damn I am out of shape
  • burpee pull-ups are a special kind of evil and easily took me as long as the other 3 movement
  • definitely keeping this in rotation, maybe a weekly thing to gauge conditioning

Looks like a good circuit to use.

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Yeah, I thought it was pretty solid. Tried to make something that hit the full body throughout all the movements, while staying light enough that it’s still conditioning and I’m not struggling with the actual weights.

I know Brian Alsruhe is huge on the metabolic conditioning stuff, and seeing @T3hPwnisher and @ChongLordUno thrashing all these disgusting burpee/body weight/suck fest sessions definitely inspired me to have some dedicated conditioning sessions in between my lifting days.

Long term, I’d love to hit 15 rounds in 15 minutes, like an EMOM deal, but there’s a lot of work I gotta put in before that’s happening


Watching or reading what Pwn and Chong do has definitely wrongly led me to believe I could do things that I couldn’t !! Both these guys are more than a little sick.


Work for today:

Neversate linear week 3 day 2:

Giant set 1:
Banded Pull up: 3, 3, 3, 2,
Press: 95x8, 105x8, 115x8, 115x8
Rear delt raise: 15x8, 15x8, 15x8, 15x8

Giant set 2:
Axle row: 115x8, 115x8, 115x9
Bench: 135x10, 145x10, 145x11
Band pull apart: 12, 12, 12

Giant set 3:
Axle curl: 45x10, 45x10, 45x11
Lat raise: 15x10, 15x10, 15x10
Plate overhead raise: 25x8, 25x8, 25x8


  • Beat my reps from last week by 1 rep on overhead press. Small progress, but a win nonetheless.
    -bench felt much better, feeling explosive on the pressing
    -axle rows are cool, but my grip is definitely going to be a limiting factor. Makes me think I should use straps….but then, why am I using an axle?
    -wasn’t terribly sore today, and I think my conditioning yesterday is to thank for that.

More of a life update than training, but the new work hours are no joke. Been getting to work at 5am and leaving around 6pm. Still less work than my previous tour, and I’m not traveling which is great, but life is kind of falling into a pattern of wake up, work, eat, work, go home, workout, eat, sleep. Not really much free time, but I do like having my days filled.

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this is like mine but you missed some stuff, fixed it. LOL

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The lack of flex in the bar can still be a factor there, and I like how the wide diameter beats up my connective tissue less. What you could do is meet in the middle, get some figure 8s/quick straps and do as many reps as possible without the straps and then strap in for more reps after that.


Nice to see someone else running a neversate program finally

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@simo74 lol, no kids yet, but I feel your pain on the dogs. In our new house, we have a fenced in backyard, which has truly been a game changer in that aspect.

@T3hPwnisher I hadn’t thought of that, for some reason the idea of applying straps mid set never crossed my mind. May have to try it out. Any recommendations for good figure 8/quick straps? My strap experience is limited to say the least, never seriously used them in training.

@hugh_gilly been a fan of Brian since I was a teen following his “ Atlas’s Work” log here on T-nation. I used to visit his gym up in Maryland while I was in college, would drive up on Saturdays whenever I got the chance. Brian is a great dude in person, and I’m happy to follow his advice

Work for Today:

Neversate Week 3 day 3

Giant set;
Box jump; 3, 3, 3, 3
Squat: 45x5, 135x3, 185x2, 195x8, 215x8, 225x8, 225x8
Russian twist; 10, 10, 10, 10

Giant set 2:
Box jump: 3, 3, 3
RDL: 135x10, 135x10, 145x10
Lying leg raise: 8, 8, 8

Accessory Giant Set:
Lunge: 6, 6, 6
Banded chins: 3, 3, 3
Glute bridge: 12, 12, 12


  • Happy with the squats. Form is only feeling better and better as the weeks progress. Stance is a bit narrower than it used to be, with toes more forward, but it’s helping my stay more upright which has always been an issue for me, so it’s a win.
    -rest of the giant sets went well. Like my little accessory giant set at the end, good way to just get some blood flushing through the muscles
    -right quad is still cramping every time I walk up a stair. Good.