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Atlas Shrugged


I am presently listening to the audio book , I truly love the way Rand writes . I wonder has any one compared aspects of her book the great depression ?







wait, your listening to an audio book but you love the way she writes? Can you explain what you mean, and what do you like about her?


I just got this book after Christine recommended it in my thread about life in the Soviet Union and her writing style is very Russian, so that is why it may seem weird to some people here in America who are not familiar with Slavic writing styles. So far, I like it.


Audio book = A recording of a person reading the book.

Putting her politics aside, I always have loved her ability to create these superlatively perfect characters (
not sure if "superlatively perfect" makes sense.... ).

The protagonists are perfect in this way that is hard to describe, those that have read Rand and enjoyed it will understand. Aesthetically, the settings and scenes are amazing.


I find that her Russian came through more in her earlier work ( We The Living ) as opposed to her later word ( Atlas Shrugged ). I imagine this is a consequence of gaining experience and being exposed to American writing over time. Some of the sentences in We The Living are genuinely awkward and not composed as a native speaker would. I didn't really find this in Atlas Shrugged.


It's simple some one else reads her writing .

Her writing is poetic.


I would guess from your writing style that you got it :slight_smile:


I think this quote sums up most of Rand for me

"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old?s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."


Care to note the author of the quote?

Or do you take credit for this moronic tripe?


Don't bother. Figured it out.
John Rogers. Comic book author of such epics as "The Blue Beetle", not to mention the cartoon series "The Adventures of Jackie Chan."

Also a Hollywood screen writer and a hard core disciple of the liberal left.

Yeah. I'll take Rand.


I thought the trilogy was awesome , I do like Atlas Shrugged but it seems to becoming a straw man. I do wonder if it is possibly a depiction of the Robber Barron era or possibly a look at Russia at some period in history ?



Get on Youtube and watch the miracle that is Barney Frank.

If you can find out which character he is you win 5 internets.

Also, all of the laws in the book have been done before, in the US.


This is good. Very funny.

And it hits the nail on the head. Rand's books are children's books, and not even good ones. Adoloscents start quoting the books' banalities like they are some form of gospel heretofore never understood by adults, but there is nothing profound in them. She just rewarms the fable of the Golden Goose and serves it in a verbose and droning package.


This has come up before. The randies will throw up some quote of hers and then stand back, arms folded, nose in the air, sort of silently and smugly emanating an attitude of "BAM!! Take that knaves". I've never gotten it. These quotes invariably range from random personal proclamations that are mildly thought provoking to truly unintelligible gibberish. Seriously. There have been times where an otherwise at least passably intelligent individual will post some of her thoughts and I'm honestly just staring at the screen. I'm almost afraid to respond. It's like "either I am REALLY missin it or this woman holds some sort of spell over people whereby they mistake their cat walking across their keyboard with life changing profundity.


All this from a sanctimonious prick who all but worships another sanctimonious prick who also happened to be a mass murderer.

I have made an honest effort to avoid you short of putting you on ignore.

Please do me the solid of crawling back to your thread (you know the one where you preach that you alone know the mind of God and everyone else is just hell spawn.)

and Thunderbolt....

We have been down this road before. You mock what you don't understand even as you all but admit you have never completely read it. You are to politics/philosophy what Tirib is to Christianity. You pretend to stand on a mountaintop with an all encompassing view. While I have admired your knowledge base often, you take yourself far too seriously.


I dunno I thought it a funny quote. However I will say from the Foutainhead to Atlas Shrugged I think her novels suck. They really propose no arguments.

She is certainly a minor philosopher at best. One thing I do see with her is that her fans are relatively unread in philosophy and take any attack on her as an attack on them. Even a joke causes vitriol. If someone attacks Schopenhaur say I don't get all bent out of shape I either defend his work or let it go.


Yeah!! lighten up like our fun loving friend here huh? LOL!!! This ain't even his thread and I didn't even address him and he's orderin me around like I was his son LOL!!! Anytime JEATON wishes to drop by and civilly and substantively demonstrate my error I would be more than happy to engage him. Do not hold your breath though folks. While I would love to believe differently I fear that what we've seen here is the best we can expect. Not my preference. Sorry for the minor diversion pittbulll. Please carry on.