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Atlas Shrugged Trailer




HH will probably end up like Paul Ruben and get arrested in the theater for handling himself.


This actually looks pretty good. Makes me want to re-read the book (even though it's incredibly heavy reading and takes like 2x as long per page to read if you want to fully understand everything).


Another movie I wont go see


LOL - there'll be plenty of 'head hunting' going on during opening night that's for sure.


up next: adapting Van Gogh's "Starry Night" into a musical.


I dunno. The timing for this is perfect, but as a fan of Rand's work, I would hate to see it done anything short of perfectly. Judging from the trailer, the production and acting look modest at best. But I may be judging a book by its cover.


There's mo way I'll go see this. And I agree with the idea . Sort of.


The best thing about Atlas Shrugged was the cover art by Nick Gaetano.

I read the book when I was 21 or 22 and do credit it with helping me see capitalism as a good thing (take note I'm from Canada) and not the cartoonishly evil thing too many college kids make it out to be.

Though I think the movie would've worked better as a period piece. Set it in 1950.


It kinda is, like Sin City, except without the comic effects. Like Sin City seemed like it was set in the 40's and 50's. However, you have to take it from the author and her purpose:

You ask whether Atlas Shrugged represents the present or the future. The answer is: both. To be exact, the action of Atlas Shrugged takes place in the near future, about ten years from the time when one reads the book. (Letters of Ayn Rand, p. 613)


Why is there no way you'll go see this?


This comic i just found may best describe the way I feel about Ayn Rand.


I'm down with the functional architecture, but I like old Cathedrals.

And, I like what she said in one of her interviews (paraphrase), "If you're going to be a theist or an atheist, please reason it out for yourself, don't just believe blindly because someone else holds that position." I liked the fact that she had her "dogmas" but she was open minded and asked everyone to use their reason to come to their own conclusions. Although I can't say I appreciated her dress.


This is going to be a great year for movies.


I never cared for Ayn Rand....


So you have reasoned it out and come to the conclusion that you agree with everything the pope says?



I just thought that it was odd to read a thread about objectivism on Tnation without anyone mentioning his name.


I got bored watching the trailer, that doesn't bode well for the movie lol.


Shame most Rand purists don't follow that advice. A lot of 'em have made Rand their personal dogma and preach it to their followers. What was it she said about collectivism?


And before her it was Nietchze.