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Atlas Shrugged; I Pressed


Old log filled up...

Steely, I was definitely MIA for a bit. I seem to have found a bit of a groove again, though. Maybe I just missed you guys. Nobody around here to talk, whine or plan with when it comes to working out. If it weren't for you guys, it would be a wasteland.



I absolutely love the new log title.


New log, might as well state a few goals.

1) The ever present "lose weight". Not setting a number. I am going for more of a feel.
2) Military Press 300#, before I die. (Have done 285#.)
3) Military Press 315#, before or after I die...either is good.
4) Bench 405#.
5) Rep 405#.
6) Stay physically capable to keep up with my kids as they get older and more active.
7) Keep my back intact.
8) Grow my shoulders into cannonballs.
9) Grow everything else so that my cannonball delts don't look mutant.
10) Get MrsS back in the weight room!

That'll work for now.


lol...thanks Jack.


I couldn't agree with you more.


Pretty high goals for man with such a small frame.


Right? And next thing he will want Hawt Abz with a Nike contract. Shheeesh, I just want to stay 6 feet up!

Welcome back Man.


What up Brother! Happy your back ... as I have said before you are my OH Press hero...I hit a 240 BW press last month....Cant wait for you to hit that 300 and 315


I know...twiggy little wrists. I worry that I will actually press 300#, but not survive it.


Thanks Fischer. No threat of me ever having hawt abz. Not without some serious cosmetic surgery.


Matty!! I'm your OH Press hero? Heck, I wish that mine would go up like yours has been. I would already be at 300#!

Congrats on the bw press. That is awesome...and a huge milestone!


Bench and Back...

You know, the human body amazes me. I recently worked up to a set of bench at 350#, but otherwise have only crossed the 300# line once or twice in months. Yet, today, I maxed, on a whim...even with tired shoulders and triceps...and managed a new PR. Go figure...

Alternated Bench and Kroc Rows

375x1 - PR +5#

Kroc Rows

The bench PR was strong...really strong. It never paused or even slowed. I am pretty sure I had 10 more pounds in me. Time to be wise, though.

Finished by alternating Seated Rows and Military Press

Seated Rows - close neutral

Military Press

On to next week.


I haven't focused at all on bench for some time. Maybe even neglected it a little. I've even dropped a few lbs of bodyweight. But my bench is going up?? Go figure.


Less is more?


A couple of observations that it has taken far too long to note...

If I am doing reps, I am good for 3 sets of bench, at over 300#. I can squeeze in a 4th, but I am definitely going downhill by that point.

If I am maxing, I am good for 4 sets, at over 300#. Yesterday was a good example. 315x2, 340x1, 360x1 and 375x1. I could feel, at that point, that there was no point in pursuing it any further.
So, next time I max, I need to make sure that my 4th set is the weight I want to stop at. That was a mistake, yesterday.

Also, I am fighting the urge to keep maxing, since I have recently hit PRs in MP (reps) and Bench (iRM). I need to make myself stick with what has been working. That, though, has been kind of a hodgepodge and play it by ear.


Military Press and back

Good day. Almost a great day. Two PRs and almost the biggie. Unfortunately, I had no "pop" left on my last set. One set too many.

Alternated Military Press and Lat Pulls

Military Press
260x4 - PR +2 Reps ... had at least a couple more in the tank
290x1 - PR +10#
300x0 - absolutely no "pop" left. I should have tried this a set earlier.




Lat Pulls - wide neutral

finished with

Reverse Flyes
40x10,4,1 - drop sets

I was too fatigued, and knew I was too fatigued, to try the set at 300#. Being within 10# of MP goal #1, though, I had to try it...right?

So damned close! Arghh!


Much respect there brother! That's some Pressing!


Thanks Steely. Don't know if I could have gotten 300# even if I had tried one set earlier. I sure felt strong, though. It was a good day.


Wow, nice pressing!


Damn, 290 went up like it was 225. That's stellar pressing! Almost at your goal of 300.....you'll definitely get 315.