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Atlantic Canadian Power Challenge Spectacular

Hey guys,

I know there are a few Atlantic Canadians on here, so I wanted to make everyone aware of the the meet that my former club is hosting this spring. Cpf ( WPC affiliate) rules apply. This is the first multiply/monolift/non tested meet east of montreal.

If you want to lift drug free, raw and walk out your squats, that’s cool too. It’s up to you. Anyway, check out these links if you’re interested, and you can take a look at my training log posts from this past autumn to see what kind of equipment will be used at the meet.There will be a monolift in the warm up room, too. And we’ll be using specialty squat and deadlift bars, plus a texas power bar on the bench. 24 hour weigh in. Hope to see some of you guys there!

Facebook event page:

Entry Forms ( also the link to the powerlifting club’s website:

CPF Website ( the federation rulebook can be found here):

The club’s facebook page: