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Atlantic Canada

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody knows much about Atlantic Canada (namely Sait John, NB and Halifax, NS) a splaces to visit or live?

I’m planning to spend some time in Canada and want to go somewhere different to the norm. I’ve been to Montreal before but don’t think I could live there with all the smoking etc. while Vancouver and surrounds already has the highest concentration of Aussies outside Australia. I appreciate the Atlantic region probably wouldn’t be as excting as some of the other parts but if anyone can help out regarding lifestyle, nightlife etc etc etc that would be great.

The city of Saint John stinks, literally. Halifax is much nicer in my opinion, and there’s lots to do there. If you were going to live near Hali, I would live near the Bedford area where all the rich folks live.

Never been to Atlantic Canada, but I heard it’s real laid back, people are friendly, and they like to drink. One guy told me it was boring when he visited this summer. Everyone else told me it was a blast (particularly Halifax) whenever they went.

A public smoking ban extending to bars and restaurants in Montreal should be effective soon, though I’m not sure when exactly. I agree with the smoking thing, but other than that it’s pretty fun living here.

yup. Saint John isn’t a nice place to go. Halifax is great. A nice little city. I live in Moncton NB. Which is more like a really, big town than a city. Walk anytime of night, keep to yourself, you won’t have a problem. But the smoking ban brings the night life fun down. I don’t smoke, never have, never will, but it limits the people out on any given night.

If you want to come, I have to ask, what you want to do? If it’s for work, nobody comes to the maritimes for work.

And yes, beer is a way of life in Atlantic Canada. Hell, I’ve been to job interviews where there is a case in the fridge.

And it is stronger than american beer. Not better or with a a better taste. Just stronger in pure alc/vol.

Good luck

I’m looking at spending up to a year in canada on aworkign holiday and playing rugby. Just looking for something different to the usual ski thing.

Atlantic Canada huh?,

Well let me tell you from experience that it’s not a very exciting place to live. I lived in Nova Scotia for around 3 years and hated it. ( I live in Montreal now.) There is a feeling of poverty in the air and the girls are just plain ugly, most of them, not all. I hate to sound like a dick but they sure don’t try hard or probably don’t care. I mean wearing dirty, torn up jogging pants is just plain ugly. Don’t beleive me? Go find out for yourself!

The people however are very sincere open doors and say hello, but man do they ever drive slow. I’m talking 35km/h in a 50km/h zone! The car is barely in second gear!

         best regard,
                      Tin Can

Great area of Canada! Then of course I’m biased. Raised in Dartmouth, NS, married a Cape Breton girl, and raised my own family there. Fabulous scenery (see picture below taken on a mountain in Cape Breton).Quite a climb!!

People are very friendly and laid-back.

Unemployment is high due to (1) reduction in armed forces, (2) end of fisheries and (3) end of mining. Only thing left is off-shore gas which is NS’s last hope.

Great place to visit in August-September. Messy shit in winter. Fog the rest of the year.

Still worth a visit!

I have been to NB a bunch of times for work. Never found anything interesting to do, but it is beautiful country, they have good beer and you can fly home with live lobster.

[quote]cal wrote:
I’m looking at spending up to a year in canada on aworkign holiday and playing rugby. Just looking for something different to the usual ski thing.[/quote]

I’m originally from Prince Edward Island, so I’m biased as well but it is a great place. Slow paced yes, but great people and it can be a lot of fun.

If you’re looking to play rugby, its a pretty good crew out there. Typical rugby players, pound the piss out of each other on the field, then go drinking together for the night!

It’s been a few years since I was in contact with the guys back there, but I might be able to find an e-mail address. PM me if you want me to look for an e-mail address.

As far as work, unemployment is high, but for a year you should be able to find something like bar work or other manual labour.

Born and bred in Antigonish. St. F.X. has a strong club rugby program, lots in Hali as well. Being a rugger, you know you can make your own fun anywhere.

Its the best around, give the maritimes a chance.


So you have to tell us where you live right now…do you live in a big city and are hoping for a slower paced thing? are you living in a small place and looking for more women, more fun etc. etc. What’s the deal?

You’re playing rugby and only have the option of being in the East?

I see no mentino of Toronto at all. I like Montreal, but so does everyone, I dont think I’d live there though…

Toronto is a city that is filled with activity, think a small shittier version of New York. How old are you? If you’re young…you’ll find the city packed with good looking women, and low competition from the men. I think there is a disease going on here where hot girls date ugly loser guys? Who knows?

I grew up in western canada and have to say that Regina isn’t much fun…although again the people are amazing! Everyone’s nice, until you tell them you live in Toronto…then they hate you.

Why not look to cities in the middle of the country…Calgary is Ok, it’s moderate size, klike 1 million people and a grwoing town, although you’re all over the ski aspect you said you don’t like. I don’t see why Toronto/Montreal aren’t viable options?

For some reason I could never get to like Toronto no matter how many times I have been there. Bias is possible, but if you’re young, like hot women and like to party, train too! (DUH) Than I would vote Montreal. Its a great city for fun, there are things to do and the bars dont close at midnight, we have a great club scene, some good bars too, and the women are tight. Smoke is gona be wherever you go, no matter what, just avoid places where they allow smoking, or maybe stop being a baby. One of my friends doesnt hang out with me and my other friends, cuz of the 2nd hand smoke… thats pathetic… and this guy used to smoke pot all the time… unreal…

I’m born and bred Saint John, NB and wouldn’t recommend anyone come here for any reason. Our harbour is literally filled with shit and there’s a pulp mill on one side and a refinery and paper mill on the other, so air quality is pathetic. As for the bar scene, it’s open till 2am and there’s no smoking. Most people prefer the pub scene to the bars, mostly find young girls and thug wannabes at the bars. Halifax is leaps and bounds above us for most everything in my opinion, but I wouldn’t write off the rest of NB. Moncton is nice spot with a large french population and Fredericton has 2 universities so there’s all kinds of ladies out pretty much every night. Also rugby is very popular in Freddie.

You won’t find nicer people in Canada and NB also has the best beer brewed right in Saint John. Whichever you choose you can always check the other out, it’s only a 3 hr drive between Saint John and Halifax.