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Atlanta T-Nation cell

Hey all T-maggers in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. Me and another t-magger have already been talking about putting together a local group when the word about T-Nation got out. So, now we’re looking to form a network of other local guys (or women) in the area who want to train the t-mag way. Let’s hear from y’all!

I live in Macon but have a ton of friends in the ATL that I visit a couple of times per month. Let me know what you guys have in mind.

Patricia is going to be down there at the end of the month. Could you guy’s recommend a gym in the downtown area?

Message to ko:
Hey. thanks for contacting me regarding the T-Nation cell in Atlanta. I would be happy to help Patricia find a gym downtown. In fact, the gym I go to (peachtree athletic club) is right downtown, near all the hotels. Great club - all the machines, cardio, everything. I’d be very happy to meet her too. I have been on the forum for a month now, and am amazed and impressed with her knowledge, experience, dedication and her involvement with T-mag. Be happy to put her in touch with the club. P.S. if you know (or she knows) anybody here in Atlanta who wants to hook up with our group, let me know. Thanks.

Hi Atlas:
thanks for contacting me. I’d be happy to hear from you buddies in ATL who might want to hook up with us. right now, we are looking to set up some kind of meeting for everybody interested in doing t-mag style workouts. WE want to just get together as a group somewhere in ATL, and just hash out ideas as to what we want this to become. Do you have names of people we can contact? You’re welcome to join us, anytime you’re in the area. Thanks for your help and interest.

I’ll be staying at the Days Inn Midtown on Peachtree Street. And more than likely, will be hanging out with several comic book professionals (artists). However, they all know I need to get in at least one day of training - so, I would love to check out this gym.

Hey, what about Lee Haney’s World Class Fitness Center? That any good? And I wouldn’t also mind training in some little, gym with plenty of bumper plates.

Hey, how’s it goin? I train in Bodyplex in Sandy Springs (used to be Obake’s, then PTI’s). It’s not bad there, no bumpers but plenty of free weights, a squat rack and a power rack (used to have a platform til they disassembled it - ugh!). I don’t live far from the LA Fitness near Jimmy Carter and Peachtree Industrial.

Patricia, the only gym I can think of off the top of my head that has bumpers is a Gold's in Marietta (used to be Coffee's Gym). John Coffee coached the US Women's Olympic Team, so he should have some decent equipment there. It might be a little out of your way, though.

I live in columbus and travel to atlanta for ART once every two weeks. im in.

Message to Patricia:
Thanks for you posting. The gym that I belong to is just down the street from the hotel you are staying at - you can walk there, in fact. And it’s a great gym. I do have a question for you, which reflects my newness in the gym. Can you tell me what “bumpers” are? That way I can tell you if my gym has them or not.
I also have a guest pass that I’d be happy to pass on to you, if you’d like. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve read a lot of the postings you put on the board, and am really impressed by the depth of knowledge you have. As a newbie, I’d be happy to welcome you to the gym, and perhaps have a chance to talk to and gain some much appreciated advice from you. Feel free to let me know. Thanks.

“Bumpers” or “bumper plates” are the the rubber coated plates used in olympic lifting.

To Buildin’: go to my online portfolio: www.portfolio.com/PatriciaSmith and my contact info will be there. I’d be willing to workout at your gym either on a Friday or Saturday. That’d be cool! If there’s no bumper plates, all is not lost - there’s other things to do (like, deadlifts)!