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Atlanta T-Cell

All Atlanta-area t-folks…Who all is up for the new Atlanta T-Cell that is forming? If anyone doesn’t know about it, read this weeks reader mail! So, who’s in?

I’m in! I live 30 minutes north of Atlanta in Suwanee. I was going to call Lorne next week to go over any T-cell details.

I may be able to come to some large events, but I live in north Alabama. Hopefully I’ll be an active member in about a year and a half at Ga Tech or Emory.

I’m in. I already contacted Lorne. He is definitely pumped about the Tcell here in Atlanta.

Contact me if you end up going to Ga Tech. I graduated from there and still workout there. If you are a alumni or student then you can join the Barbell club at GT. You will not be disappointed.

I can’t believe that THIS is all the T-men and Vixens we have in Atlanta! Where is all the support? We really need to educate these Georgians how to train.

I live in Buford…you don’t work out at BodyPlex do you…If you do watch your wallet. I am about to sue them. I cancelled 8 months ago and they still charged me. Then they refuse to give me my money back…They are going to the People’s Court!

No, but a friend of mine used to own the Personal Training company there and they practically chased him out…and robbed him in the process. I’m at Suwanee Sports Academy on Buford Hwy and McGuiness Ferry in Suwanee.