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Atlanta T- cell meeting

Hey to everyone in metro Atlanta and north Georgia: We’ve now got a group of fellow t-maggers together to start a local T-cell, and are inviting others in the metro area to join us…to discuss how we can make t-mag strong in the region, to share training advice, to work out together, and promote the t-mag way to lift and eat. All interested, feel free to reply to this posting. Thanks. Lorne

I’m interested. Not sure how I would get you my contact info, though.

I am interested Lorne!

hi Hali and Kim:
thanks for your interest in the Atlanta t-cell. In order to reach me so that we can communicate about our next meeting, please go to issue 241 of t-mag. (the previous issue). Go to READER MAIL. The LAST letter is mine - promoting the Atlanta cell. My phone number is listed. Please feel free to call me there. Hope to hear from you. thanks.

you know I am in!

I’m in Lorne! Tried calling you Monday but was unsuccessful. Keep us posted!

we are planning our first meeting for next week probably. so, to get in touch w/ me…go to issue 241, the last issue…go to reader mail…my letter is last one…with phone number…give a call for more info. thanks for your interest. p.s. if you know anyone else interested, let them know about us.

I give you a call tonite about the meeting!

I’ll also try to call tonight.

Hey y’all. We are firming up our first meeting for the Atlanta t-cell group. We are planning a dinner meeting on Thursday Jan 16 at about 7:30 pm. We thought of a couple places to hold the meeting at - places where we can eat “clean”. one would be at the Picadilly Cafeteria on Howell Mill Road. The other at EATS on Ponce de Leon. Both places are cheap, both are fast, both are centrally located, and have food that lets us eat clean. If you would like to join us, please let me know, by going to the Reader Mail in issue 241 and scroll to the bottom where my letter includes my phone number . Thanks. Hope you’ll join us.

OK, so you go and pick the one night that I ABSOLUTELY cannot make…oh well, I’ll try for the next one. How about a testosterone induced coma at Fogo de Choa on Piedmont for lunch? Can’t beat all you can eat meat for $20!

Hey hcables3!
thanks for posting. I’m sorry we picked a night that doesn’t work for you. But why don’t you give me a call, so I can have your number and let you know how the meeting went? you can get my number on issue 241 - reader mail - scroll to bottom of page - last letter is mine - with phone number included. Thanks for wanting to be part of this mission. It’ll be great. Take care. Hope to hear from you.