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Atlanta, GA


anyone here been to a badass resturant and/or nightclub in atlanta?

any specific areas to check out? any place to avoid?


I've never been to this place, but I hear its ferocious from my bros. Sure you'd appreciate it, just bring a wholebunchadollabills

The Cheetah Lounge


Strip at Atlantic Station, but then again there's the Tavern at Phipps plaza. It just depends on what you're looking for. Best place for seafood would be Atlanta Fish Market, but then again there's Oceanaire and Bluefin. New York Prime has some badass steak. Best hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint is Fat Matt's Ribshack other than that there's Williamson Bros BBQ, Chris' Steakhouse, etc

Nightlife best bet would be Club Pure. More low key would be Compound..Twist in Buckhead is great just to hang out, have drinks. If you go to Atlantic Station the're a whole slew of bars/restaurants...which reminds me..Geisha House :slight_smile:

SW ATL can be tricky but then again every area has it's bad spots even in mid/downtown. Oh, if you're feeling brave and adventurous check out the Vortex in Inman Park for the best burgers, yet. That's another iffy area, btw.

You can't go wrong if you stick to midtown/downtown/buckhead areas. But then again it depends on your preferences.

Hope that helps.
EDIT: My favorite Asian fusion restaurant is in NW atlanta called Soba, best latin fusion, Salsa Havana(they also have live music) and Loca Luna.


awesome man!

could i start at twist and end up at club pure in the same night? is there a huge wait for entry this time of the year?


Nothing at all like a nightclub, but if you want some big, greasy soulfood (Jerk chicken is unreal), look up a place called Eats. Right across the street from Lee Haney's gym.


You could but there's always a bitch-ass line at Pure, just sayin'.

Shout is the sister bar to Twist on Peachtree, has a nice outdoor patio...you can't go wrong with either one.


My sister Co-Owns avery very good resturant called "The Bookhouse"

It's good cheap southern food that is from the farmers market. It is cooked amazingly and again will not put a hole in your pocket. You mgiht wanna google them for directions, but the Chef's name is Julia Leroy and she is absolutly amazing at what she does, and is also my sister.


Ohh i should add that it's not a strip club, just a brewery basically. They sell countless beers. They wanted to make it to a bar, but not a sports bar. and stress not a sports bar.


Sports Bar: Stats --> It is one of the best I have been to anywhere

Strip Club: Pink Pony --> If you don't go, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!

Bars: Buckhead --> Plenty of bars. Walk around.

Mall: Phipps Plaze and Lenox Mall --> They are across the street from each other. High end shopping and babe watching.

Check these places out and you will be a happy man.


I was just there last month ... but with my family.

Food: Mary Mac's Tea Room (AWESOME southern food ... fried chicken, fried okra, greens); had great BBQ at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q; had breakfast at Radial Cafe which was good

Fun: Georgia Aquarium was awesome, Atlanta Zoo, World of Coca-Cola was ok



really appriciate the responses here.

i'm gonna be there from the 28th-30th of the month, i'll try to fit in as much as i can of what you guys said

greenhopper - when you said buckhead, is that an area or a bar that's next to a lot of bars?

i'm really looking for a 'strip' type area where i can bounce from bar to bar/club and not have to drive.

intersections and streets would be perfect.

and of course i'll come back with plenty of pictures of girls in varying states of nakedness


Ah, Pink Pony is a must-go. That area around Buford Highway has quite a few strip clubs, if I recall correctly.

Mac, Buckhead is an area, residential, commercial, you name it.There used to be a whole strip of bars/nightclubs on Pharr road but the residents complained about it, so they shut them down.

I agree Phipps/Lennox Mall. You'll find quite a few bars/restaurants in that area within walking distance.

But I'm biased, I like midtown.


Buckhead isn't what it used to be...
You still have the college corner of Moondogs/Hole in the Wall/Peachtree Tavern if you want to drink for cheap cheap cheap with fraternity/sorority types. There's also the new Fado's and East Andrews for a little older and more upscale yet still loud and fun party atmospheres.

Midtown is the area popular with lots of late 20s early 30s types where you'll find the bars, clubs, and bar/clubs like Opera, Primal, Twisted Taco, Flip-Flops etc...

There's also the Highlands downtown. More artsy types and Emory kids but still fun. There's a live metal karaoke (sp?) bar called 10 High that absolutely rules. It's under the Darkhorse Saloon which is also ok.

I think you'll find the selection of bars and clubs you're looking for in Midtown.


Please go to Fat Matt's. Thank me later.


thanks!! really appriciate the information!