Atkins to T-Dawg transition

Well, like the subject suggests, I’m trying to transition out of Atkins into T-Dawg 2.0. So far I’ve added the PWO nutrition (currently a shake I make myself but I have Surge on the way) and increased calorie / food intake in general, due to some calculations I made after reading some articles including Massive Eating.

Basically, I’ve been eating way the hell too little food and I screwed up my metabolism as a result. My lifts suffered, I’m sure I lost LMB but I didn’t have much info at the time (this was going on before I found T-Mag) and I was losing so much fat that I sort of got caught up in it.

Anyway, as expected I’ve been putting on some fat since the switch, I’m wondering if anybody can tell me about how long it takes an average person’s body to switch over from a diet where they were cutting way too many calories out to get back to normal. And is it better to just go straight to eating maintenance and suffer through a period of fat gain until things even out or would it be better to slowly add calories? The upside to all of this is my lifts have finally gone up after I started eating like a machine and some of my muscles feel a little bigger. I’m trying to bulk so I don’t care about a little fat but I’m about ready for it to stop now.

Another “dogg”?

I would definitely make sure to gradually increase the carbs, and not worry so much about the calorie increase. Rush the carb increase and you’ll be sure to screw up your insulin sensitivity and risk increased fat accumulations.

P.S. T-Dawg 2 rocks…