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Atkins Induction Phase, 40g Wheat Fiber?

Didn’t know where to post it, so here we go:

I’m doing Arkins induction phase, or basically a cetogenic diet, and supplementing with Fish Oil, magnesium and fiber. Since i think Metamucil is kind of expensive I bought 1 kg of wheat fiber, wich has 42% fiber and 22% carbs. Do you guys think about 40 grams a day of this (8,8 grams of carbs) will stop ketosis? Should i take all at once os spread over the day? Is it better to take with meals? Tks!!

I would not take a fiber supplement on a ketogenic diet. Psyllium fiber has been linked to leaky gut syndrome. Pectin and cellulose do not cause this problem. Get cellulose from low sugar veggies including naturally fermented ones. There is an “emerging” hypothesis among paleo nutrition scientists that the concept of fiber for gut health is a fallacy, that in fact fiber IS beneficial but Only, or primarily because gut bacteria use it as a raw material that they turn into short chain fattty acids (mainly butyrate) and that it is the short chain fatty acids that are beneficial for gut health. Naturally fermented veggies is really all you need though you might get some benefit from pectin from boiling citrus Fruit rinds. Large animals like cows and gorillas actually live mostly on the short chain fatty acids produced from the indigestible fiber that their gut flora metabolizes. I consider psyllium to be almost 100% anti-nutrient.

Wow never heard of that before! By fermented veggies you mean Sauerkraut? How much could I eat on a Keto diet without interfere in ketosis?

switching to a diet low in fibre was the greatest thing I ever did for my digestive health

I think a half ounce of naturally brined pickles is 1 gram of carbs. Also, they contain probiotic bacteria so you can follow them with other veggies and the cultures will work on those too.


So I checked and 1 ounce of naturally brined pickles have about 4 calories but it looks like it may come from the fiber to short chain fatty acid process (1 gram of fiber does yield about 1 calorie, but it is not a carb calorie, rather it is a calorie from the short chain fatty acids that the gut bacteria transform the fiber into. Cellulose is not typically listed as dietary fiber.