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Atkins Diet While Cutting

I’m wondering how the Atkins diet is for losing fat and trying to keep muscle. Since you get tons of protein on this diet?


Honestly, Atkins diet is great for losing fat. The problem is that most people dont follow the diet correctly. The see all the weightloss in the first two weeks where you are eating 20g of CHO a day, and then they never follow the rest of the plan, they just stay in this 1st phase forever.

Atkins is not a bad diet plan. I lost 70lbs doing Atkins. The drawback was that I looked like a smaller version of my fat self. I dont think I lost any muscle.

People who are at higher bf% can lose more weight at a faster rate without worrying about losing muscle, but if that is your avatar, you already look fairly lean. Your best bet would be to follow something like T-Dawg Diet 2.0 which is a good mix of Atkins/Anabolic Diet/Good PWO Nutrition and will help you shed fat fast and also keep/gain your muscle.


For sue and even staying in the ULTRA low carb zone worked for me to shed 75 lbs as long as I just ATE ate as much meat etc as I wanted and kept the carbs to a nil. Then though to go lower went for a more sensible T-Dwag type diet.

But hell what ever works give it a try I enjoyed it for a bit.


If you want my advice, consider reading the following thread:


It is a thread dedicated to the Anabolic Diet (AD). I find you will find it usefull. Of course, the diets mentioned previously are all fine as well, I just feel this one has more benefits.

Give it a looksy!

Good luck!


I’m sure there are many varying opinions on this, and a lot of good diet write up s on this site. My own opinion, Atkins is great, for dropping fat\weight. Lost over 100lbs myself in just under a year a while back while following the plan by the book. The problem was, when I got back into the gym, my energy levels were nill. Been bulking for the past 6 months, and have just recently began cutting back for summer.

As I’m VERY familiar with Atkins, and comfortable with it, I decided to go with a strict Keto, CKD version, this time around. It’s working out GREAT so far. No strength loss, and the fat is already beginning to vanish.

As a brief example, I’m currently eating at maintenance cals, which for me, at 205lbs, 14%BF is around 3000. I’m keeping it right there, but dropping carbs 6 days per week to 30 or under. Saturday’s is my carb up. Just this past weekend, I managed around 800 carbs, at around 4000 cals. the rest being protein and a little fat. Feeling great again this week, and frankly, dropped another pound AFTER the carb up on Saturday, LOL.

The other huge benefit for me, with the warm weather here now and grilling season, is being able to eat LOTS of fattyier beef, pork etc., along with whole eggs, milk and whatever during the week, yet still enjoy breads, pasta and oats on the weekend. In the end, I’m shooting for dropping to no less than 190lb and hopefully be back around 9%.