Atkins diet and muscle building

I’ve been on the atkins diet for about 2 weeks along with working out 4 times per week. My question is: How can I stay on the Atkins diet and build muscle in the process? Or is there a better diet program I can start and stick to that will help me to lose weight and build muscle?

OK, before you get nailed with flames, let me break it down for you. Click on the button on the left that says “t-mag home” and search for a three articles: T-dawg Version 2.0, Diet Manifesto, and the Essential Berardi. If what you read sounds like it makes sense, check out the previous issues (go back to #1) and start reading! - Oh, and to answer your question in short, it may be hard to make substantial in gains in muscle mass or strength while on the Atkins diet (those damn carbs really come in handy sometimes).

Build muscle on the ATKINS DIET???

Also check out “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” by Rob Faigin thru;; dragondoor~~it’s like Atkins, but not as strict, and I was on it pretty faithfully for about a year, and still follow it, just not as strict, even tho I learned from it to watch my carbs, yet increase them for various reasons, as I needed them. I got so strong my 1st 6 months on it, especially the 1st 3 months, setting personal bodybuilding records in all my lifts. Plus I lost 2 lbs a week, until I lost 15, even with eating 5,6 meals a day, and training heavy. You can modify any so called diet for your own needs, but to experience the carb-starving process for a while will make you feel something that you’ll remember for life! (Hepefully, because as we all know, some things affect people differently than it does others)

Hi, Horace. We’ve been kicking the Atkins thing around a bit lately here on the forum. I’d recommend that you type “Atkins” into the subject line on the left-hand side of the screen, which will search the forum and all threads/discussions on the subject. Then, if you go to the home page (, the search engine on that page will search the archived articles.

The bottom line is that Atkins is great for weight loss, but not for those of us who are athletic or who have body composition goals like yours. You’re off to a good start because you’ve made the metabolic shift to lower carbs. You’re in a perfect position to shift to something like T-Dawg Version 2.0 in Issue 243.

Good luck to you, Horace, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Not gonna happen bro. You need to choose if you want to get bigger or get leaner. These to goals cannot be achieved simultaneoulsy. Do what Wingman says.

I have German studies from 1978 that suggest its impossible to build muscle while in ketosis.I think there right.Haven done juice while on a keto diet,I dont think its possible.Ill try to find that study if its that important for you.

You cant take juice while you are in ketosis, most juices have too many carbs. Get with the program :slight_smile:

Thats D-bol for those that are with the program.Jesus Christ,sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Hey, WSTRAINER, if you do find that study, I’d appreciate a synopsis of the key facts . . . if it’s not asking too much. It’s a topic I’m very much interested in.

You are not alone brother.

errr I was kidding i thought that it was obvious, i even put a smiley face there… guess not

For anyone serious about knowing as much about ketones as possible,get your hands on a book called “Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Ketone Body Metabolism” by Hans-Dieter Soling and Clause-Dieter Seufert.Their was a symposium in Reinhausen in 1978, and it covers most of the studies/lectures of the seminar,with most studies ending in a discussion amongst various scientist in the field.Very interesting read.see if your local University library has a copy.