Atkins Dead

From Yahoo News:

Dr. Robert C. Atkins, whose best-selling low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet was dismissed as nutritional folly for years but was recently validated in some research, died Thursday, his spokesman said. He was 72.

Atkins died at New York Weill-Cornell Medical Center, surrounded by his wife and close friends, said Richard Rothstein, his spokesman. Atkins had suffered a severe head injury April 8 after falling on an icy sidewalk while walking to work.

I’ll dedicate today’s constipation to him. RIP brotha’.

He has made some great contributions, speciffically helping some of the general public realize that that high-carb/low-fat diets are not the best ones for fat-loss or overall health.

He will be missed.

Poohbaya…based on what the poster after said…your comment seems a bit ridiculous…but you are entitled to be ridiculous of course…