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Athletic Work Lunches

Lol, ridiculous. People heat up all sorts of smelly shitty food. I don’t get why everyone gets so mad about fish. Even Salmon/Tuna isn’t that bad.

Heaven forbid you want to eat something health vs Chick Fil A…

The worst is when someone burns popcorn in the microwave. The whole hall stinks

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Not food related, but someone urinated on the sauna at the gym once. I’m not sure I’ve ever smelt anything so bad and long lasting than that.

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Thanks everyone, I won’t have access to a microwave but eating cold doesn’t bother me

Everybody hates the guy who microwaves fish up for lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chicken and rice. No fucking around.

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Whateva whateva, I do what I want!

This is how office wars start!

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Despite being a scientist myself, I give little to no weight to these types of studies and eat raw nuts with reckless abandon. I believe that whole foods interact with the body in beneficial ways, and focusing on one small aspect is why there are studies saying: coffee is bad; no, wait, coffee is good. Fish is good; no, put it down, it’s bad. I’ve eaten copious amounts of almonds for two decades, and at 44 my testosterone (and all other blood work) comes out great.

Here are the foods I eat all I want with no restraint:
Nuts, fruits, vegetables.

With some restraint:
Meats, dairy, eggs, oil olive.

With restraint:
Grains, pastas.

On occasion:
Ice cream, beer, wine.

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Steak, asparagus and brown mushroom.

All grilled and chopped up into a bowl. I usually made 2 lunches at a time.

Often add some avocado and hot sauce, or 2 boiled eggs to the mix.


I always wonder about the decision-making process behind something like this.

There’s a Marine - if there isn’t a war, he’ll start one.

Now we just need to get you to pee on the sauna - then we can microwave all the fish we want and nobody will care.


I can tell you the reason he did it, it gets no better even after knowing his reasons.

The smiths machine had broken and a cable on the cross cable machine, it was taking a long time to get fixed. A small group of people kicked up a fuss and had there payments discounted whilst there machines were out of action. 2 months later they are fixed and our guy finds out that a small group of people got a discount and he didn’t, he demands to be refunded for the past 2 months. It got refused so he did that and left the gym forever.

So basically he did it over a dispute for £10.


You’ve got to admire the passion. I care about very little that much.

On the other hand, I am both in the sauna and bored right now…