Athletic Work Lunches

Hey I’m starting a new security job at a hospital where I’ll be working 12 hour shifts walking 15+ miles a day. I’ll be having porridge for breakfast and some kinda meat/greens/carbs evening meal, what sort of stuff does everyone have for lunches? Just looking for ideas, thanks.

Will you have access to a microwave?

I’ve been grilling or baking 6-10 chicken breasts and making wraps and lite chicken salad for the week. Also buying the small cans of soup and adding chicken to it. I do the same with steak.

Simplest for me is Greek yogurt from Costco. Macros are good, price is right. Zero prep.

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If I’m in a deficit, I like Flounder and veggies on non-lifting days and I add rice on lifting days. I also substitute the Flounder for chicken (usually thighs) and steak some days.

That’s probably 90% of my lunches.

Microwave isn’t necessary if you’re a savage and or determined.

He’s a security guard. He’s not pillaging Rome…

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I bet you used your MRE heater didn’t you?

MRE, lol, I was a POG.


LOL! Good stuff.

Ate a ton of them in training and back home. NOT ONE in the sandbox.

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Here’s what I take for lunch nearly every day:

1/2 Almond butter / jelly sandwich. I eat this before I workout.
1 shaker of coconut water / whey protein. I have this after your workout.
1 Banana
1 apple
1 baggie of raw almonds
1 big salad of mixed greens topped with rice and meat (usually chicken), with olive oil/apple cider vinegar.

Then, if I got desperate, I walk to 7-11 and get pistachios, beef jerky, sparkling water, or other snack.

I just have to be the almond hater now. I use to eat them almost everyday as well. Until I found out they increase SHBG, and lower free testosterone. Pistachios and walnuts also.
Sucks because they were my top choices, so I switched to cashews and peanuts.

I know peanuts aren’t great either.

If you don’t have high SHBG, it might not be a problem, but if you are eating them everyday, maybe you will notice a difference if you back off? Bloods would be interesting.

Do you… reheat this? Like in a microwave? Or eat it cold?
I don’t know which answer will be worse.

I realize I’m adding nothing useful to this conversation.

It can be hard to stomach (at least for me) but canned tuna is cheap, has a ton of protein, and is easy to eat on the go. I usually have a couple cans of tuna and veggies for my lunch. Lately I’ve been adding in some rice and sweet potatoes

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Flounder doesn’t smell cold or re-heated. Tuna, Salmon, etc… smells awful, but not Flounder and most other white fish honestly.

What are your goals? Though an option I would not eat things like tuna, white fish, salads etc. they are too light.

Do you have issues eating the same thing everyday because that in my opinion is the best route beef, carb source, veggies.

-Ground Beef, white rice, broccoli
-Steak, potato, brussel sprouts

  • Steak, white rice, collard greens

easy to make and can be made it large batches.

Really? I might try it then. I’m nervous it will smell like a garbage dump and I’ll be banned from the office. Although maybe I wouldn’t mind that either, so either outcome is good.

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Lol, ya… Give it a try. I do Flounder and Buramundi (sp?) at least 4 days a week. There really isn’t an odd.

Had a cranky Austrian CFO hunt down a VP who microwaved salmon in the office. He was mad.