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Athletic Training Nutrition


i've become familiar with what to manipulate in my diet when lifting to get results, and if i don't know, i certainly know where to look.

However, over the next few months i am going to really focus on rowing training - this will involve up to two sessions a day on ergs/in a boat.. this will be the full spectrum from 90 minute UT1 work up to 1 minute anerobic sprinting intervals with everything in between. My question is what are the basic diet parameters for this type of training? (eg: with weights, we keep protein high and manipulate carbs to get body comp goals, use fats to top up calories and cycle carbs etc...)

also, if i want maximum results is the idea of trying to cut up during this training phase a bad idea? ie: med/low carbs.

thanks in advance,


hey, where do you row out of? Are you lightweight or heavy? Maybe we could exchange some ideas on training nutrition.


Why would you even consider a low/med carb cutting option when you will be performing, what sounds like, an exhaustive aerobic conditioning program?

This is not the time to try and multi-task your fitness programs. If rowing is your thing, you need to do what will promote the desired results given your goals. This would be an increase in total cals. with an accompanying invcrese in total carbs. (I know nothing of your current nutrition so this is based on the average diet many of us would be using.)

It will be very important to get enough protein to aid in muscle recovery.

And oh by the way, we do not 'top off' with fats. Fats are critical to our bodies--especially men--in regulating T-production and getting quality cals.

If your diet isn't 30% fats (min) you are short changing yourself. In fact with the sounds of this routyine--I'd go out right now and get a couple of bottles of top-notch olive oil and a couple of containers of a quality fish oil. Your joints and recovery systems will thank you.


For carbs i think you are right - if i want to do something i should do it properly... cookin up some oats now lol.
I think i expressed my self badly wrt to the fats - i was getting about 40-50% of calls from them, mainly from wallnuts, avocados and fish oil.. i'm living without a kitchen, so it's hard to get too creative!