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Athletic Training for 2B?


I’ve taken your neurotyping courses and really enjoyed them. I work with athletes and find it useful to match NT to sport training (strength, power, speed…). The only one I struggle with is having 2B’s train with those goals in mind. Curious if you had any tips for 2B athletic development? Thanks!

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Yes, mostly figure skaters (2B artists = high glutamate but also high acetylcholine). Although I had seen 2Bs in other sports.

Someone’s neurotype is important for optimal planning but the need of the sport is more important. Meaning that even if a 2B is not really built for performance training, we don’t have a choice when training athletes.

But this means that the dose of training should be lower and the strength work should not be maximal (I’d normally avoid going lower than 5 reps per set). But I find that the most important thing is HOW YOU INTERACT WITH THEM: lots of positive reinforcement, when there is a technical correction you use the hamburger approach (1 positive, the corrective, 1 positive), trying to build a more complex relationship which makes the coach as much a confident/psychologist than a coach.

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