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Athletic Training Book


I am looking for a good book on athletic training (taping ankes, knees, icing, etc.). I searched on Amazon and there are a lot of options, I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations before I picked something out, thanks!


Red Cross offers classes in it. It's a day on the weekend usually, and doesn't cost much. I did it. It's much better than a book.


Thanks! I just sent an e-mail to fnd out about classes coming up in my area... I preferred to take a class but I was never able to get the community college courses to fit around my schedule. This is much better!


Athletic Training is more than just a first aid class. Pick up Arnheim's Athletic Training. It's pretty much the bible for us ATs.

I'm not trying to sound like an elitist here, but I hate it when someone bastardizes Athletic Trainining into a day class or just "taping and icing".


I thought he just wanted to learn taping and stuff, to be honest....

Being a trainer is a lot more, I agree.


I know, definitely no hard feelings, was just putting in the note for other people that run into the thread.

I know you're already on that page.


Yeah, just want to learn the basics of taping ankles and pick up any other useful info I can...


i second arnheims book. great resource