Athletic Trainer Training

Hey all, im 25 y/o female. So i have been lifting 5/3/1 for a while now, i am on my 12th month. Kinda mixing it up per’ a friends instruction… So I do 5/3/1 lift, with 30 second cardio between each set. I Stopped doing overhead press for a while because I wasnt going anywhere on it, decided to focus on other things instead. After that i do 2 circuits usually and a couple of core exercises. I hate running, but i try and get in some bike intervals too.

I was a swimmer in high school, but after that i was a regular college student gained the freshmen 15 and then some by the time I left, despite hitting the gym on a regular basis.

Last year I learned to lift :slight_smile: woohoO! And Ive been doing it ever since. I believe i started at 5’9 and 155 pounds, size 10 jeans ish…depending on the store. Which was a far cry from HS graduation weight of 128. Anyway a year and a half after starting to lift, I am at about 145-150 depending on my diet etc. I am wearing size 7-8 jeans :wink: and feel much better about myself.

My goals are to get stronger, and decrease body fat. Basically make the jeans look nice :slight_smile: And Have fun of course. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Here are my max’s. I am in the process of testing my maxes again…Very modest #'s so i am looking forward to progressing to “big girl” numbers. lol.

Bench: 105
Squat: 135
Deadlift: 185

Chinups: can do about 2 1/2
Pullups: 1

Anyway I hope to keep update this regularly. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Yay, another non-tiny chick!..but still 2 inches taller and 15 pounds less than me.
I will read.
Try to keep it interesting, and try not to lift more than me.


Melanie, nope def not tiny!!

After a week off at a professional convention and a lot of long nights drinking/dancing and staying up till 4 in the morning and eating phili cheese steaks…I feel like crap. But it was fun none the less!

anyway I tried to find my max for bench press today, but no one was in the gym at work so I had to use the guard arms so I didnt drop it on my head…i think they throw me off. Not a fan.

Anyway, it didnt go so well i could barely do 95# which i can do 2 or 3 of usually.
Bad day…o well. Lesson learned alcohols a killer even 2 days later. Will do squat 1rm tomorrow and start a new month of 5/3/1 next week :).

I just went out and bought a lot of veggies and low fat ground turkey, and some healthy snacks for the week. Hopefully this will help counter act last weeks FUN :slight_smile:

Here’s to new beginnings, diet-wise.

Ahh, the damn bench. I could give you some advice . . .

Going for a max after a night drinking isn’t such a great idea - try again when you’re well fed and rested and have a good spotter.

Did you see Dave Tate’s bench press video (it’s on here somewhere)? It helped me quite a bit.

And welcome, btw.

Hope you have a good week!

Thanks I will try and kick some squatting ass today in my new vibram KSO’s:)

Oh BTW my new fav exercise equipment is TRX straps…atomic pushup is a killer. and the pikes are great.

Hi WhiteK!

Yeah, booze not so good for PRing - but food and sleep quite good!

I’ll be following along!

Yes alcohol is bad for PRing. I learned my lesson.

Squat day yesterday… 1RM…drum roll…145…could be better. I wanted 150 but after 3 tries I was done…and didnt want to hurt myself being the only person in gym.

Going to start a new month hopefully tomorrow. any ideas for new exercises? I love to switch it up.


How are those Vibrams? I don’t think they’d be allowed in a meet.

And why do you call yourself “Porky.” You look anything but. Very svelte.

Alcohol is good for everything.

p.s. I haven’t drank in almost a year.

Hit the gym today…aka the hot box…place has to be about 80-85 degrees and humid. GROSS. Anyway, porky’s a nick name a friend (aka ex boyfriend) calls me (He thinks its funny because i’m not porky at all). Ive grown to like it.

The vibrams are going well. I used them the other day for my squat 1RM, worked pretty well. they take several days to get used to, and take about triple the time of normals shoe to get on. because you need to make sure your toes are totally in the little pockets. I have a funky pinky toe…(the pinky toe over laps the 4th toe (ALOT), but it is pretty flexible so i can push it down it the pocket and it feels fine. I normally squat and deadlift in just socks and i dont notice a difference with the vibrams on. so i like it! I got them in black so they wouldnt attract a lot of attention. The KSO’s were the most comfortable, the other ones I tried on the heel pocket seemed too loose, i think i have fairly skinny feet. I wear 9 to 9 1/2 sneakers and I got size 40 womens in the KSO’s. Anyway hope that helped!

Mel you havnt drank in a year! wow thats great. I am trying to cut back as much as possible.

So today I did deadlift day month 12 i think…or 13, and week 1.
Deadlift sets…
( body weight walking lunges in between each set)

Then I did…3 sets of…
Split squats- vibrams make me have to focus on the balancing part a lot more. was harder then usual. Which I assume is the point :slight_smile:
Glut ham Raises 2* 10 pound DB’s
High Step ups- (hip height- no weight )

3 sets of
TRX pikes - I defiantly feel these in my lower abs the next day.

FOAM Roll…
This if the first regular lifting day ive done in almost 2 weeks so tomorrows gunna be awesome :slight_smile: lol. Bench tomorrow :slight_smile:

Feel free to critique im always looking for a change. :slight_smile:

Workout looks solid. Give us some vid. We love to critique vids!

The TRX sounds fun. Also glad that “Porky” is a joke nickname.

Been a very busy week and a half, went to Utah’s Zion national park and hiked angels landing, picture 2 hours on a stair master at 8,000 feet. Also did some lifting at the Ranger station (relative works there), very nice views from the squat rack!!

Anyway I did this at zion…I had to use a smith machine…(the bar is attached to the rack, i think thats what its called). Very annoying not a fan. Does anyone know if that changes teh weight???
Squat day 120 for 9 and 120 for 6 (decided to do max reps twice.
(dont remember the rest)

Just did deadlift day today…
did 155 for 6 and then again for 4. need to work on my grip!
plus walking lunges, sled pushes with 90lbs on it, Glut ham machine, split squats, TRX pikes, and a lot of foam rolling, 5 hours on a plane kills my back!! it cracked soo bad, but soo good!!

Anyway hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Been basically weight room-less this weekend, do to some construction. Been trying to work on body weight stuff. Mostly arms yesterday and legs and core today. Gotta hit the gym hard tomorrow cause im beach bound next monday and I hate feeling bloated! Decided to be completely sober and try and eat really good this week and see how that effects my ability to keep my post P.d weight. Does anyone else ever feel like they are sooo skinny the day after their P.D ends, then it slowly turns to bloated mess by the end of the month? Maybe thats just me.
Anyway legs are sore gotta love RDL’s.
Hopefully hit the bench tomorrow after work :slight_smile:

Also I forgot I took an embarrassing video of myself squatting with the Smith bar thingy, I’ll try to post it. I think I look very weird on it though since I’m not used to Smith machines.

Cute pic.

In my opinion, the smith is not a great machine because it puts your body in a fixed plane. However, it’s better than nothing. And kudos to you for making do with what was available.

The bar on a smith varies in weight. Different manufacturers counterbalance it to different weights. Plus, I’m sure the calibration changes over time. I know the one in my gym is set to 23 lb. during manufacture, although many people mistakenly assume that an empty smith bar is always 45 lb.

Regarding monthly bloat and weight changes . . . it’s the rare woman, I believe, who doesn’t experience that effect.

Havnt worked out in a week…aka on vacation but everything looks better laying down on a beach! lol.

So changing it up a bit this month, I wrote a workout for my friend and decided to use it for myself, take a little break from deadlifting, squatting and benching. The heat is totally kicking my ass!!! But im going to try and get my cardio back up this month and once school starts again ill be back on the 5/3/1!!

Hope everyones having as great a summer as i am :wink: