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Athletic Tape or Forearm Guards


for atlas stones?


I’ve always just used athletic tape. In the summer time, you have to make sure your forearms are dry first but otherwise, I don’t have much trouble. For what it’s worth, I’ve loaded a 405 stone at about 230 pound body weight. Last night, I did 370 x 2 and then had plenty of tape left to go down and do 308 x 6.


I prefer to be naked on the forearms.


I’m sure your training partners appreciate that you keep the rest of yourself clothed.

Seriously though, I tried bare the first time I ever loaded stones. I just made the decision that I didn’t want to go to work every Monday looking like I had leprosy of the forearms. Supposedly it stops cutting you up after a while, but I never gave it that much of a chance.


[quote]strongmanvinny wrote:
I prefer to be naked. [/quote]



[quote]Alpha wrote:

[quote]strongmanvinny wrote:
I prefer to be naked. [/quote]


This just got weird.