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Athletic pendulum questions


Athletic pendulum questions

Trying to put together an athletic pendulum, really just had some questions. Basically my chosen athletic pursuits are martial arts and gymnastics, however I love lifting weights, and looking good nekid. So while my primary goals, are movement oriented, i.e. moving well while performing martial arts and gymnastics, I would still like to look nice. Getting down to it; my questions are: 1) does anyone have any suggestions on exercise selection for the functional power (both, strength-speed, and speed-strength) swings, and 2) what are your opinions on using a ?mild? (see 3, not 5 sets) form of OVT for the structural swings.

Here is what my week looks like if that helps at all. M, W, F, and Sunday (sometimes) I can weight train. I do gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon. And I hit a martial arts class, pretty much whenever I can, usually Thursday night, Saturday, and/or Sunday morning. My schedule I pretty tight so I would like to spend my time in the gym as efficiently as possible.

Thanks a ton, sorry for the longish post (liberal arts major in college, we tend to get wordy)


CT's got an article on this coming out soon, look for it. In the meantime focus on full body movements and keep volume low. I would say no more than 2-3 days of weights/week with your schedule.