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Athletic Pedulum?

Hey guys, can you help me out…

Here is what im up trying to accomplish…

A. Im about to start the Fast Fat Diet hopefully this week when everything arrives in the mail to start. I plan to do this for about 2 weeks and hopefully drop approx 10-13 lbs.

At this point i will have gotten rid of all the fat I need to get rid of.

B. Im interested in the Pendulum Routine for ATHELETES that CT had talked about.

The problem is that he doesnt show any particular excerrises in his explanation of the system. I have read on here some other Pendulum routines that people have put together for the Bobybuilding Pundulum etc, but none for the Athlete version of the pendulum. Does anyone have one that i could use ?

Im 33, almost 34 year old athlete

My other question is, should I be doing the pendulum routine while on the fat fast diet or wait untill after? If im to wait, what should I be doing in the gym while on this diet?

Thanks guys, this is a great forum and place to be. I love it!

Thanks in advance

Also should have maybe mentioned that Ill be taking Biotest Grow for all my meals, with 1AD-EC, Hot Rox, Vitamins and tons of water etc like explained in the original articles about the Fat Fast Diet plan…

Also just came off a 3 complete day water fast (for spritual reasons). So i think i have the willpower to last a full 14 days on this diet.

I shed some fat during the fast as well, im now only about 10-13lbs from where i want to be as far as fat loss.

Then i want to get back in athletic shape for basketball, volleyball and softball. I dont want to get huge, i need functional power and strength and explosiveness that i had 5-7 years ago.

I have gone so far down the tubes once i got this desk job 3 years ago, i certainly feel that 33-34 i could still get in incredible athletic shape like in my younger days when i never lifted or anything.

What do you think

CT said he was writing an article on the Athletic Pendelum.

First I think you can get in incredible shape at any age. 2nd, desk jobs suck don’t they?
3rd I wouldn’t do the Fat Fast during athletic training because you will usually need some carbs for sports. I’m not certain without knowing you personally or the sport but I myself know I need more carbs than fat fast gives in order to perform. Try t-dawg version 2 (70g carbs/day, 100g/workout day). You can mess with those numbers and find maybe you can eat 10g carbs on non workout days and 60-80g carbs on workout days. While even legal androgens may preserve muscle mass on such a restricted diet, they will not necessarily supply the energy you need for your workouts/games. I would especially not cut carbs during/post workout. As a grappler/mma figher I can only get awy with this while LOADING up on amino acids between meals and pre and post workout. I’m assuming you mean low carb grow and not standard grow as it’s carbs are too high for fat fast.

I can’t wait for CT’s Athletic pendulum.

No i dont plan on doing the athletic pendulum during the fast fat. But when readin the article on the fast fat he does work out at the gym during the same time.

And yes i bought the low carb grow…

Anyone have a suggestion of what i should be doing at the gym during the fast fat diet…

You know my scenario, im trying to lose 10-13lbsl. Im a 33 year old athlete who has lost some since taking the desk job 4 years ago…

I could care less about being huge, i want to be cut and gain some core and leg strength back.

I play hoops, vollyball, and softball

WHile on the fat fast diet you need to follow a workout program that is high intesity but low in volume. Check out a 5 x 5 program or Chad waterbury’s next big three program, both are really good.

Yeah im doing the 5x5 , however i wish to do the athletic pendulum if he writes it soon!