Athletic Clothing

I’ve looked up a lot of old threads and I’m sure my answer is already out there but hoping to do a more updated check with the community. Anyone found good clothing lines that fit athletic bodies?
Saw recommendations for Barbell apparel but all their jeans are a 34" inseam. Great that it will fit my quads but I’m not 6" and most people aren’t. If I’m buying jeans for $150 a pair I’d rather not have to have them all tailored on top of that. I usually wear 541 Levis or golf pants but even those fit snug. I wear 31x30s and have 25" quads. 44" chest but I worry less about shirts. I have long ass ape arms and a short torso so even before I started lifting shirts always fit me like shit.
What have you guys found lately? Any good recommendations for shops or product lines?

Avoid Barbell apparel like the plague. Thin, flimsy, lyrca like material that isn’t actually cut for large thighs but instead made to stretch like yoga pants. Also would like to reiterate thin material. I seriously can’t see their pants lasting longer than maybe a couple of months of heavy use. Sorry for the rant, I have a serious bone to pick with them.

I bought a pair of Levi 569’s and had them tailored. I think the pants were $50 on sale plus another $10 for tailoring so $60 for a pair of pants that are tailored to my body vs $150 for Joe Rogan endorsed shit pants.