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This summer I’m going to have 6 months to work with a high school senior for basketball. He’s 6’6 and about 290. Thus, he’s very slow so overall speed/quickness will be the main goal with strength not far behind. He’s never touched a weight in his life. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as books or articles that would help me out? thanks

You can look at the athletic training articles on this site or search through the articles on elitefts.com. However, they will all tell you to focus on basic compound lifts for someone who has never lifted weights. That means lots of squats, deads, pullups, bench press, etc. I would probably do 2-3 whole body workouts per week. I would pick 3 compound lifts and if he insists on working the “beach” muscles you can add 1-2 isolation exercises. Hope that helps.

If he’s 6-6, 290 and has never touched a weight I’m assuming he has a lot of fat to lose. So working on his nutrition and losing the fat may be the best thing you can do.
The nice thing is someone that age who has never lifted can get much stronger and gain muscle while losing fat. Trap bar deadlifts are great for tall guys as are front squats.
You may want to pm Eric Cressey as I believe he does a lot of work with hoopsters at UConn. Also, you may want to check to see what’s available by Tim Grover, who was Michael Jordan’s trainer and is currently an NBA conditioning guru.
Finally, don’t try to throw everything at this young man at once–two full body weight workouts a week and better nutrition on top of basketball drills will do wonders for him.