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Athletes, Vertical Jump and Jump Manual


Kind of confused as to what section I'd put this in, I guess this one works as most elite bodybuilders/powerlifters don't usually worry much about vertical jump. I've been doing the jump manual and recently completed my first two weeks. I cut down the squat and deadlift sets to just 5, excluding the other two "mini-sets" to failure.

I feel like it's just too much on the legs, doing 8 sets of heavy squats along with plyometrics each week. Other than that, I've followed the program fairly strictly, and I've gained at least 4 inches. This program is incredible, and it's not like I've gone from 5-9, either. I've gone from 27-31. Any thoughts? Results?

I love this program and the online forum isn't near as popular as this, and I'm sure I can relate to many fellow squatters/deadlifters/plyometric-ers and any athletes looking to further increase their hops. Let me know what you all think, have you been wanting to try the jump manual? How many inches have you gained? Any loggers out there that want to join me in my quest to get up to 40? Let me know.