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Athletes Performance Gyms


Have any of you interned or trained at Athletes Performance gyms, Specifically in Phoenix? I am considering an internship offer at the location but have heard mixed reviews regarding the internship.



It's pretty cool let me tell you. Hope you get an internship.


I did a week long Military Mentorship at the Pensacola location a few years ago, but have never been to the Phoenix one. The gym was still pretty new at the time, and didn't have much of a clientele; most of their time was spent with high school athletes.

Training was great, our mentorship included classroom work, followed by practical workouts in the gym. I thought it was great information, although I'll be honest I don't use a lot of what I learned anymore. Didn't like a few things, but overall felt it was very good.

If nothing else, it was an interesting peak into the life of a professional athlete. When we went into the gym, the interns would have our pre-workout shooter ready (creatine, beta-alanine*I think*, and some other stuff I don't recall). We would do our workouts, and the interns would have our postworkout shake ready when we were done, which we would then drink while doing contrast baths between the cold plunge and hot tub.

That was fall of 07. That summer, immediately preceding the Rugby World CUp, the Argentine national team spent a great deal of time (at least a month, possibly more) at API Pensacola. Before that they had been a consistently mid-performing team, technically sound, but underconditioned. That year, they took third place, their best ever result. I won't pretend to know a lot about rugby, or the Pumas in particular, I am just stating what we were told at API. They said when the team showed up, they had trouble finishing a workout. Then they shocked everyone at the World Cup, including a 63-3 victory over Namibia, an all time team best margin.


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