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Athletes & Peptides: HGH / IGF

 I have been reading a number of posts, forums, and  articles about HGH and IGF. Specifically, I am wondering if it would be beneficial in  "re-building" or "strengthening" joints. (Ex: knee, elbow, etc.)

To be more exact to my own situation:

I am 6’3, 220 lbs and pretty lean. I am not looking to gain large amounts of mass. While modest gains of lean mass would be appreciated, my focus is mostly around strengthening my “bad” knee. As far as physiotherapy and training goes I have that down packed.

I am hoping to perhaps aid my therapy with something that will speed up my recovery and perhaps prevent me from suffering again. I haven’t torn any tissue. However, I am constantly battling pain that I get in my knee from football.

Anyone out there in a similar situation? Any suggestions? Is hgh or igf the way to go? Or should I be looking elsewhere?