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Athletes Pendulum Training Diet


I’m trying to plan what sort of diet I will use when starting the Athletes Pendulum Training at the beginning of next year. I will also be doing a bit more cardio to train for some triathalons I will be competing in.

I was thinking of following JB’s Lean Eating principles so that I can maintain muscle mass and lose a bit of fat to trim down for the triathalons. For the same reason I don’t want to add any bulk at this time as it just means carrying more around the triathalon course!

The main thing I need advice for is how many calories I will need each day. My current thought is to apply the calculations from the Massive Eating articles and find out how much energy I need during the week and set my calorie limit at this amount, not more as you might when trying to bulk up. Or should I go slightly less to reduce my body fat? Would this impact on the results of Pendulum Training too much?

Also, I should mention that the triathalons aren’t going to be a huge priority for me, they will all be short i.e. completed well within 90 minutes and are a semi-serious “fun” activity for me to do over summer and add some variety to my training. Therefore I will still be able to do mostly short HIIT cardio training with a few longer sessions thrown in leading up to events. Hopefully this will not result in too much muscle loss.

If you have any advice it would be much appreciated.