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Athletes, IOC, and Supplementation?!

Does anyone know where I can find information, or does anyone know anything, about ways to increase performance without testing positive by the IOC or CCES?? I need a kick to my training and performance. Thanks in advance for your response.(I don’t want to be scary like Mike, just want to perform like him!!

i’m interested in this as well. it’s too bad that no on has taken advantage of producing products that are ioc cleared. what sport are you in?

try the world anti doping agency for hte latest on what your allowed etc


also note the changes to the way caffeine is classified

You can also check usantidoping.org and print a complete list of banned substances but notice how those bastards have that disclaimer so that no matter what you take you could still test positive.

I can’t find anything on the wada or us anti doping about what your allowed, only what you’re not allowed.


well usually if you

everything - what your not allowed = what your allowed

From what I understand pseudo-ephedrine is now OK’d by the IOC. You can make a helluva stimulating product though even without it. You could take a product like power drive which is good on it’s own. Lots of top track and field athletes swear by it. However, if you really like being wired you could take something like power drive which already contains the essentials…
and you could add the following:

Not all of those would be necessary but I’ve been experimenting with that home brew lately and it is phenomenal.