'Athletes Guide to Immune System'


Thought this might be useful since several people have posted wanting to know if their schedule is over training or not.

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Thanks for the link, that was a great read Xen.

Nice article, thanks Xen. Wish I had read this before putting myself in the hospital for a week by overtraining :frowning:

Good and informative read Xen

Another good article imo


the FA site has a lot of shit :-p

You’re the best, Xen!

That is so very true…

Once I got really sick after going home with someone. I had fevers so bad I was hallucenating, and so very cold.

It brought my childhood asthma back and he just got a chesty cough.

Funny though the guy stopped in to see how I was feeling. He saw how sick I was and stayed only 15 mins.