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Athletes for Power Drive

I was wondering if there are any athletes out there who would share their experiences with using Power Drive for gameday performance.

RIT Jared

On March 21 this year i had a k-1 championship and i used Power Drive before each fight. Double dose and 3 Tribex. Each opponent (3 of them) was knocked out within 1min 30s.

I think i had about 30 - 40 mins between each fight and the Power Drive really jacks up my power and focus.

Really enjoy it before training also.


Hey, I play baseball and I’ve taken Power Drive before games and practices and had real mixed results. Some days it completely locks me in and other days I can hardly tell the difference. Its definately worth getting to experiment with.

I’ve used it before grappling tournaments, and the only way I can describe how I feel is “crispy”. In other words my mind feels very sharp.

I’m also a very edgy type of person, Power Drive seems to calm me down in competition settings. I feel more into my game plan and in tune with my body.

Thanks guys.

Anyone else?

Mixed results also. I think timing here is key. More specifically nerves and timing. I know on practice days I used Power Drive and got the timing well. Gameday however is much more dificult with increased bladder, heart rate-metabolism and nerves. experiment with diferent dossages and administer them at different times is my advice