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Athletes Foot


So apparently I have athletes foot, and this issue absolutely sucks. It started about 2 weeks ago, at first I just thought I had a spider bite on one of my toes becasue it was swollen and itchy, but within a week it spread to the other toes on that foot and is now on both feet.
I went to the docs for it but all he did was tell my to buy some over the counter medicine.

I've never had this before, Infact, I thought I was kiknda immune.

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this bullshit? I've bought some tinactin, and desenex which seem to work ok during the day to hinder the itchyness, but nothing seems to work at night, and nothing is changing the redness/swolenness of my toes.

as always any and all input is appreciated.


Keep them fuckers dry!

After you shower go barefoot as long as you can. Use medicated ointment and powder for your shoes. The is the best advice I can give.


You gotta pee on your foot




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x2 - This works within a few days. The ammonia will kill that fungus.


I want to add a couple of things to get everyones opinion.

I'm not exactly sure it is athletes foot. Ive played sports my whole life, football, hockey, and baseball, and not once ever did I have an incling that I had some form of athletes foot. I've always considered myself to have an above average immune system with the ability to fight off crazy shit.

Like I said before I just woke up one day and my 3rd toe in on my right foot was red, sore and swollen, I originally thought it was a spider bite becasue I had some type of bite at the top of that toe, but then the next day my 4th and 5th toe were the same. At first it wasn't too itchy, but as the days went forward it started getting more itchy and swollen. When I went to the doctors last friday it was just on the smaller 4 toes on my right foot, then over the weekend it moved to the last 3 toes on my left foot.

The weird thing is that unlike most cases of athletes foot, the issues is with my toes and not inbetween my toes. Also I dont have peeling skin, or anything like that just swollen red toes (that itch unbarebly at night)

figured that might help.


I used a bleach water mix for about 10 minutes, then covered my toes with desenex. Then made a mix to spray in my sneakers. we will see how that goes.

I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and I'm not looking forward to it. My toes are in incredible pain


So you don't trust a licensed medical doctor but you do trust random internet peeps for medical advice?


+1 I work in a power plant. It's hot all year round and I have to wear work boots for 16 hours a day. Sweaty feet is non avoidable fact of life. The above is what I do.

One word of caution.... DO NOT USE YOUR BATH TOWEL TO DRY YOUR FEET AND THEN DRY YOUR BODY!!! You have Tinea Pedis aka Athletes foot. That fungus can eat any skin so if you dry your foot, than dry yourself it can get a stronghold on other body parts... then you will have Tinea Corpus aka "ringworm" it can spread like wildfire and trust me when I say you don't want it.

Let your feet air dry, then apply cream. Wear socks to bed otherwise that shit can get on your sheets and end up in places you don't want. Bleach your shower / tub or it can spread to others OR wear cheap plip flops in the shower to keep that shit off the floor.


I thuoght it was bad to wear socks to bed because you sweat too much?


My doctors the one who pointed out its not typical. And that he wasnt positive but thought it could most likely be athletes foot


I was so happy the first time I got athlete's foot when I was 18 or so as I'd never done anything athletic so it felt sort of cool.


A pair of socks should not make you sweat. The point is if your feet are itching in your sleep you will rub feet together to try to make it stop. If you sleep with someone and touch your foot on them you can give themm that stuff too. All you will do is unknowingly spread that shit. The socks will contain the fungus and let the cream kill it.

Also, make sure you bleach your socks. If not, you will have the fungus in the socks and it will take forever to get rid of. Or if you knock it out and grab a non bleached pair 3 weeks from now you can give yourself the AF again.

just tips from a guy who has battled this kind of crap for 25 years.


Cool, thanks for the tips. Out of curiosity what kind of ointment do you use? I mostly use the desenex powder because Its less messy and i was told the dryer the better, but I did start using some tinactin cream, but it seems to sting my toes a bit. (not sure if thats normal.


Socks can definitely be a problem. I had a friend who had athletes foot totally covering his feet, and it ended right at the "sock line". His presentation was also similar to yours, redness and swelling, different from the most common wet-between-the-toes and less common dry-and-scaly-on-the-soles.


Lotimin Ultra cream. Kills it quick.

Yes dry is better but sometimes life gets in the way. We can't all sit around bare foot with our feet propped up waiting on this stuff to die off. Like I said, I wear work boots for 16 hour days in a very hot environment. Trust me, I would love to bve barefoot all day but I can't. The order of effectiveness is powder, spray liquid and cream. You need contact time for the product to be effective.

The powder stuff is more of a preventative measure in my experiance. You see, antifungal medicines kill fungi by interfering with their cell membranes, causing holes to appear in the fungal cell membrane. The cell membranes of fungi are vital for their survival. They keep unwanted substances from entering the cells and stop the contents of the cells from leaking out. Anti fungal creams, liquids etc causes holes to appear in the cell membranes, essential constituents of the fungal cells can leak out. This kills the fungi and treats the infection.


Once I thought had athletes foot and I treated it myself with OTC medication. It did not work.

I finally visited the Dr after 2 weeks, and he prescribed me some corticosteroid cream which cleared it all up in 3 days.



I use the cream then the spray on socks and inside the boots (and any other footwear that may have been used).

Knocks it out quickly.