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Athlete's Foot (And Hand!)


We've all had athlete's foot I'm sure.I've had it on and off for about 25 years,but in the past it has meant small,sometimes inconvenient cracks between little and 3rd toes that has clear up easily with some form of Rx be it creme or powder.2 years ago that all changed.

I contracted a much more serious form in August 2004.It's nothing unusual,loads of people get this form(mocassin-type tinea pedis),I've just never heard of anyone who's had it for so long or who's also had it on their hands.

I had it for a year before my brother actually diagnosed it for me(he's a dermatologist).I had used Lamasil creme and tablets simultaneously,with seemingly little effect and he sold me a total dummy by telling me to soak my feet in pure alcohol everyday for 10 minutes which I did and was useless.

It has since gotten much better on it's own(I have sporadically continued to take Lamasil,but not since February this year(I know it continues to work for a long time even after you discontinue it)).

Japan has a ridiculously humid climate in the summer months(my brother think that it may be a problem to get rid of here)and it's just starting to become a problem again.My feet are actually ok(no fissuring or broken skin,just a little itchy),but my hands are still a mess.

Has anybody else had this problem and if so what did you do to try and alleviate it?Any suggestions,stories and /or remedies will be gratefully accepted.


Try apple cider vinegar. If it stings, dilute it with water. This stuff can kinda smell though. You can get it at any large food retailer.


I would guess you have some type of eczema or psoriasis from the sound of it. They can look similar to the condition you have but the lack of response to the treatments you've mentioned would be more consistant. I'm just talking out my ass though.


Lamasil has a new product, called Lamasil AT (I think). It's designed specifically for the cracked feet type of athlete's foot.

The trick I learned is that you must apply cream twice a day, every day for a month. The problem with many is that they apply stuff until the itching stops, which is a mistake --- you've only killed off the weaker colonies and stronger stuff moves in to take it's place. Pretty soon, you wind up with superfungus.

One month, maybe 5 weeks straight to be sure.


pee on your feet in the shower, and wear sandals like you're a hippie.


Have tried the vinegar but not in such a concentrated way,also I always wear sandals when I can get away with it(not usually at work).

This about pissing on your feet,does it actually hold any water or is it just a way to get people to do something ridiculous?Why would that possibly work?How many times do you do it?


It's actually a Mexican folk remedy. Carlos Mencia does a hilarious bit about it...


Something that worked well for me is tea tree oil. I didn't dilute it, but applied it directly to my feet with a cotton ball. Here's a link to a proper study concerning it's effectiveness: