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Athlete's First Cycle

Well, I’m sorry to say that I am posting my 1st cycle for input and criticism. I’ve based a lot of my stuff from here, other sites, and my limited chem classes in college.

First for some personal information, I’ve been training for 8 years (. Started for High School football then went to college and started working in the college gym where I got all the good and bad advice there was. Did a tested BBing show at the a show weight of around 170. But now am out of all competitions so have normal moral conflicts here.

Now I am working as a coach/trainer at a local athletic club as well as another job. And plan on starting my first cycle. Currently I am at 205-210 at 10% BF.

The reason for my use of this is I feel I am ready for the next step in training. I plan on sticking with my current training which I can get in to more detail in a log but basically 3 weeks strength cycle then deload/ high volume week.

Sorry for all the crap but here is what I plan on doing for the my time.

Weeks 1-10
Test Enth 250 mg Every 3 Days
Weeks 1-6
Winstrol 50 mg Everyday (Oral)
-Nolva 20 mg when called for

Nolva 2 weeks after last inject
40 mg for weeks 12-14
20 mg for weeks 14-16

Being this is my first cycle wanted to go with Enth over Prop because of the ease of use. Also figured best to stay with a low amount.I went w/ winny because of the “lean” mass gain, most everything that I read mentioned stacking with D-bol, but wanted to try this. So I wasn’t sure if this was for a reason that was beyond me.

Thanks for reading and all the input. I hope this is detailed enough and that I did the proper research.

Cycle looks good, nice and simple. Good for a first except 2 things. I would move the winstrol to the end of the cycle mainly for SHBG affinity. The SHBG binds to the test and inhibits the function of it to activate your receptors. So incorporating the Winstrol in at the end of your cycle will provide you with more “free” testosterone to maximize results, Plus throwing it in toward the end will “harden you up” per say. At least help to.

Second thing would be to forget about the nolvadex while on to combat sides; pick up some arimidex and that way if any sides to surface a small dose EOD or even E3D will take care of it. But at your dose you shouldnt have to worry about anything.

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Wow. Haven’t seen a newbie actually post a good newbie cycle in a while. Good job, and as Bushy said, take Game’s advice.

Thanks for all the support. I’m thinking of keeping a log, which will be in the journal section. I haven’t seen too many logs kept by guys with more athletic types of training so I’m interested to see how it goes.

So with the updates I’ll include some things like shuttle times, power clean numbers, number of pull-ups, and some other stuff that usually don’t make it up in these forums.

Once again thanks for the help.

Why do you say, “I’m sorry to say,” at the beginning of your post?

Feel bad about adding another post about some newbie and looking for help.

And Cortes I really enjoyed reading your log, look forward to what you’ve got coming up next.