Athlete You'd Like to See Train

I was thinking about this in class today and thought it might be an interesting discussion topic (of course I could be wrong).

I’d like to see how strong a lot of these guys are, but Shaq gets my vote. I think it’d be fun to watch a 300+ 7+ foot tall player bench, squat, deadlift, power clean, etc.

Serena Williams…

Bauer might have you beat.


T.O. So I could throw 10lb dumbbells at him. Or, at least pick them up and drop them on his toes.

Rhett Bomar now that he doesn’t have a silver spoon. He still knows he’s gonna go to the league, but he’ll have to work hard to get a draft pick now.

Marion Davis. He’s a beast.

AJ Hawk.

[quote]Bauer97 wrote:
Serena Williams… [/quote]

I worked as a player liason at a tennis event in 2001. Serena played and it was my job to take her to practice.

On the way to the courts she was tired and seemed like a huge effort to put one foot in front of the other whilst walking.

The second she hit the court, she trained like an animal. The intensity she had on the court was amazing. I don’t think that same intensity can be witnessed in her practice today though.

I forgot to say who I’d like to see.

  • LeBron James.

Jordan back in his day would have been great.

Brock Lesnar…

Oh wait, we can see him train already:

I’d like to see him train in the gym, without cameras on him.

valentino rossi

Justin Gatlin. Any top level sprinter actually. Speed fascinates me. That, and boobies.

I don’t know, I get a kick out of watching this guy train with “light weight.”

Bob Sapp.

And Ronnie.

T.O. and Ray Lewis.

[quote]apayne wrote:
Justin Gatlin. Any top level sprinter actually. Speed fascinates me. That, and boobies.[/quote]

I’m totally with you, any top level sprinter, some of the strongest and obviously fastest athletes in the world for their size, remarkable. I’d like to see especially Asafa Powell, after running 9.77 twice this season and most sub 10s in a season, I’d love to see what exactly he does throughout a week of training.

not an athlete, but an actor.

James Arness.

that man was a mountain.

Tiki Barber and Donovan Darius

Walter Peyton, back in the day.

Now, Randy Couture.

Oh, and Maria Sharapova (!!!)

Jerry Rice