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Athlete with Drug Testing Question


New to this whole thing so pardon any misuse of words/terminology, but I had some questions about a cycle I'm considering starting.

I will be running Test 400 (1 cc a week), Kigtropin HGH (4 IUs split up daily), and orally taking d-bol tabs (25 mg twice a day).

Here's the situation: I'm an athlete that is looking to gain lean mass but have am in a bit of a hurry to do so. That is why I am considering this cycle, which seems rather light in my mind but I really don't know much about juice. Anyways, I am 280 lbs right now but am looking to get as much good weight on in the span of 3-5 months. Ideally, I would love to get up to 310 lbs.

Here's the problem: Being an athlete in my situation, I must submit to a steroid drug test (also measures test levels) that comes by usually once a year (hoping towards summer around july) and selects 10% of our team. The person is notified a day before the test (test is in the early morning). During this supervised drug test, they make you lift your shirt up and stand directly to the side to get a nice good look at your business down below... That being said, there is obviously a risk in running this cycle and a whizzinator isn't an option. I have read up a little on this concern, but wanted to get some more opinions on it.

Worst case scenario in my mind is I get selected to pee while still dirty. In this case, I was thinking a reverse catheterization might be able to work. I know I know, it's extreme and maybe idiotic.. but pain and germs aside, I was wondering if this was a good/plausible idea? Obviously I would be injecting clean urine from a friend, just prior to the test. I'm guessing after this was done, I would have about 30 minutes at the most before I would be able to pee. That leads to my last question. How long would clean urine remain clean in my bladder?

Also, I am open to any other suggestions/ideas for this.




When did you get your kigs? Lots of fakes going around


About a month ago. How can u tell if they are fake?


You're injecting clean urine into your bladder? I'm NO expert but haven't heard that before.

If you're serious about using AAS and beating drug tests I believe your best bet is to consult an expert and spend a few dollars to make sure things run smoothly and you don't do yourself any damage.


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Yes, that is exactly what I meant :slightly_smiling:

Beating drug tests requires well above the average level of knowledge, meaning you need the help of someone with very specialized expertise; as someone who has been here since 2003 I don't believe there is any free information about it here on this site, that is one area where the experts really do keep the knowledge to themselves, and rightly so. However, pretty much everything else is shared freely here. If I were the OP I would hire an expert or simply steer clear of PED's altogether, unless you know exactly what you are doing your health and athletic career are at risk.

BTW, the thought of injecting another persons urine into my body makes me feel physically sick, right down to the epicenter of my core, and I'm quite a sick mother fucker LOL! There must be an alternative to doing that!


only 10% get chosen, i like those odds