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Hey guys i am in the middle of my season now and just maintaining strength lifting when i can. Been trying to plan out my training for next off season.

Strength right now

Squat- 225x1
Bench- 155x1
Press- 110x1
Deadlift- 295x1

I have done 5/3/1 and try ws4sb3 and did like both of them but i enjoy training more often so iv’e decided to try a push pull legs split. Already ran it by some respected lifter but wanted you guys to take a look.

  1. Push

Incline 3-5rm
CGBP 3 x 4-8
db press 3x8-12
flys 3x12-15
side raises 3x15-20

  1. Pull
    Db row 3x8-12
    lat pulldown 3x12-15
    cable row 3x8-12

  2. legs
    Trap Bar dead 3-5rm
    Front Squat 3x4-8
    Hyperextentions 3x12-15
    leg press 3x 15-20

  3. off

  4. Push 2
    Bench 3-5rm
    Press 3x4-8
    low incline smith 3x8-12
    rear delts 3x15-20
    tri pushdown 3x15-20

  5. Pull 2
    meadows row 3x8-12
    side pulldown 3x12-15
    shrugs 3x 12-15

  6. legs
    squat 3-5rm
    lunges 3x8-12
    RDL 3x8-12
    leg curl 3x12-15

  7. off


Like i said i like to train often and eat a lot. I foam roll entire body and perform agile 8 and simple 6 before workouts. I will be running hill and working on skill 2 times a week and will increase and season gets closer.
Just want to see what you guys think.

Hey man,

Depending on your goals, this could be a solid plan. BUT if your goal, like you stated, is maintaining strength, I don’t think this is your best bet. This is more of a bodybuilding type structure. To me, it would make sense to concentrate on a program that is centered around strength. In particular, stick to the big lifts - squats, deads, bench, military presses, chinups, dips.

As far as training frequency, if you’re really, really putting every ounce of intensity you can muster into every set of those big lifts(in a structured program, of course), your body should need rest.

If I were trying to maintain strength, that would be my approach, at least.

No i am maintaining currently, when my season is over and my main goal is strength and size to go along with it this is the plan. Thanks for the advice.

I would do just that then and maintain. It sounds like you are doing too much if you are in season. You should spend the majority of your time focusing on that and not lifting weights 6 days a week. You are already familiar with 5/3/1 it’s a good program, if you feel you aren’t recovering properly with your set up I’d stick with the basics 3 or even two days a week of lifting, and focusing on your practice / game skills the rest of the week.

it will work.I’d do dumbell rows 5x5 and generally slightly up the volume/sets for back.

To clarify. I am in season now and NOT running this program. I am maintaining my strength but NOT with this template. This would be for the OFFSEASON.

RampantBadger- I always would go high reps on db rows. I’ll give 5x5 a try. Thanks!

What is your IN-SEASON maintenance plan?

5/3/1 twice a week.