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Athlete Requesting Critique On First Cycle! Advice & Tips?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: This is my 1st post here & I hope I get the same kind of invaluable advice that this forum is famed for…

A brief backstory -
I have had a terrible last 5 months with 2 serious back to back injuries that has really hampered my growth (both in my discipline & physically). It was a really frustrating period for me sitting at home watching my 3 biggest competitors surpass me & land endorsements which would have otherwise gone to me. My strength decreased rapidly coz I could not workout & my BF% shot up from the usual 12 to my current 18 bcz I was gorging on anything & everything in my frustration. Finally, after getting a clean chit from our doctor 43days back, I had started working out like a madman, 2ce a day, with great intensity but I can feel that my strength & endurance is nowhere close to the peak. With an all-important competition approaching in December, I just cannot afford to take it easy. Hence I have decided to go for my 1st ever cycle, a simple Test E cycle, to give me that extra something. Plus taking it now would mean it would wash out of my system by December…

Stats -
Age- 28
Height - 5ft 7in
Weight - 72 kgs (Can’t afford to gain much coz it would mess with my speed & agility)
BF%- 18
Gender - Male

Proposed Cycle-
Test E - Week 1-10 - 500mg/wk (2 pins a week, Monday & Thursday)
HCG - Week 1-12 (last pin 3days before starting PCT) - 500iu/wk (2 pins on the same day as Test E)
Arimidex- Week 1-12 - 0.25mg EOD

PCT - Nolvadex- Week 13-17 - 40/40/20/20/20
Clomid- Week 13-16 - 100/100/50/50

Will also take Liv-52, Milk Thistle, Taurine & Fish Oil during cycle

Questions -

  1. I am somewhat confused on the PCT. I had read about this combination of Nolva+Clomid in most places during my research but I recently read an article named “The Perfect PCT” which mentions a host of other products in the 2 weeks before & during PCT - HCGenerate + Ostarine + Cardarine + Liver Supplement… What are your views on this?? Are so many things really necessary??

  2. I normally don’t suffer from hairloss (maybe 5 strands a day here & there) but I keep reading scary things about Test causing massive hairloss to those predisposed to it. So, will taking Finasteride right from Day-1 be a good safeguard?

  3. What are the parameters in a blood test that I have to get examined on, before, during & after the cycle? Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Free Test etc are some of them, I guess. What are the others that I need to get tested on??

All these would be so easy if I could just talk to our coach about it but it is strictly no-no & I am on my own in this. Please provide me with your insights…

What type of athlete are you? How high up are you and how often do you get drug tests. Test E can be detected for up to three months (roughly, depends on individual metabolism) after cycle’s end. You say you can’t afford to gain too much weight, if that is the case you will have to eat on a caloric deficit while on 500mgs of test PW, as test is usually used for bulking up and gaining significant amounts of weight. If you are worried about getting tested, I would switch to a shorter acting test such as test prop, which has a detection time of roughly three weeks. Test suspension has an even shorter detection time of 1-3 days however it can be a (literal) pain in the ass to inject. I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for out of steroid usage, if it’s athletic enhancement with minimal weight gain you should consider a TRT dose of a short estered testosterone alongside a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derived compound (that isn’t anadrol, superdrol or any of those exceptions and don’t use stanozolol as it may murder your joint health). As for HCG, I’d do 250IU every 3.5 days, using too much HCG at once can spike E2 and create unnessecary side effects. Your PCT is pretty spot on, but I’d drop the clomid as clomid can have nasty side effects (mental wise). Ostarine is a SARM, (selective androgen receptor modulator), and is suppressive to the HTPA, there is very little scientific data backing it’s safety, steer clear and definately don’t use for PCT. Cardarine isn’t safe at all, seriously, stay away from that shit #cancer, anyone who peddles cardarine saying it’s safe shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone. Hcgenerate is a BS natural T booster, it is not a replacement for HCG. For blood tests you want Lipids (HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, HDL/LDL ratio), Kidney function test (liver function optional, mandatory if using C17AA compounds). A liver supplement like TUDCA should be run if you are running C17AA compounds, if not I don’t think it’s nessecary, you could use NAC just because it’s healthy though (I use NAC every day with fish oil). Hair loss (5 strands per day) isn’t hairloss and is normal, the hair on my head and… other places, frequently falls out in a few strands, doesn’t mean I’m losing hair. If you are worried about hairloss you can run finastaride with TEST, but not DHT related compounds as all finastaride does it stops the conversion of test to DHT, therefore if you are taking a DHT derivitave there is nothing to stop the conversion of, also… don’t use finastaride, possibility of long term hormonal dysfunction increases if you use it. DHT derivitaves are also harder on the lipids. An often overlooked side effect of AAS usage is hematocrit increase/ thickening of the blood. Having blood that is too thick greatly increases the chances of fatal blood clots and stroke. I would suggest getting blood donated before and during cycle or getting regular therapeutic phlebotomies during cycle and take a baby aspirin every day while on and for around a month after the cycle ends.


@unreal24278 Thank u so much for your detailed reply. I can’t tell u how much I appreciate it…

  1. My National camp starts in December & the 5 member squad is picked in January. So January is the next time I will be drug tested. So, I think I am pretty safe on that front. I am not particularly inclined towards Test Propionate coz I have been told that it is worth noting the fast acting propionate variation tends to be a sorer injection, and therefore undesirable for beginners who have never injected before.

  2. My main aim behind this cycle is rapid increase in strength & muscle mass (which I have largely lost during prolonged period of bed-rest). I want to gain considerable muscle mass (some of it will be water) & then cut down (after cycle) to 77kgs of pure muscle with 12% bf & great strength. From what I have read, Test E satisfies that criteria, doesn’t it? There are so many articles which have called it a “magic compound that can be used in whichever way the user desires - cutting (on calorific deficit) or bulking (on surplus)”

  3. What compound would you suggest that I run with the Test?? I was thinking of running Winstrol in the final 5weeks, IF I FACE NO MAJOR SIDES but your comment (regarding joints being massacred) has given me serious thoughts. Doesn’t taking fish oil protect your joints from this major side-effect of winstrol?

  4. One last question, where would you recommend injecting the HCG? While some articles recommend intramuscular injections in the outer quads, others suggest sub-cutaneous in the belly area (4-5 inches away from the naval area)…

once again, thank u so much for ur advice!

This isn’t medical advice as I am uncomfortable giving medical advice (and I am not certified to give medical advice.) If I was in the exact situation as you and I was sure I was only being tested in Janurary. I’d test and test only is the best way to go, inject the HCG sub Q 2x per week. I wouldn’t use stanozolol, stanozolol (I need to research this more but from what I have heard) weakons tendons, makes them brittle and more prone to injury, therefore if one is going to frequently exercise in an anaerobic state, stanozolol is perhaps not the best choice.


PCT should be a SERM like Nolva or Clomid. Do not include Ostarine.

During cycle you will not need Liv52 or milk thistle. I would not take Arimidex EOD. It has a three day half life, so twice a week really should be sufficient. Your dosage is probably good. Start lower and you can increase if you’re feeling high e2 symptoms.

Do not take Finasteride. Unless you don’t want to have sex ever again. In that case you should take lots of it. But if you want a working penis you should avoid it like the plague.

You should have good results from a test cycle, but you WILL see that new strength fall off post-cycle. It won’t all disappear, but you won’t keep all of it. Just know that going in.

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