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Athlete PCT and Detection Time?

Hi I planned to do short 6week test prop + s4 cyckle. And 3week PCT. But after pct I have 12weeks for doping test. How long is detection time for clomid and nolva.

And is there some other pct options with MUCH shorter detection time?
So I may continue my cyckle for a longer time?

I would love to hear other suggestions :slight_smile:

So you are trying to cheat and get help with it? Please clarify.

Well it’s my first competition. And I already buyed all stuff. So I just think I wont get caught at first competition haha

do they actually test for the substance or just test your blood for hormone levels and draw conclusions e.g. if you LH is skyhigh --> nolva/clomid or your LH is not detectable --> external test?
As to how long nolva elevates LH… I don’t know, seems to vary from person to person…

I don’t know answer for what they test. All substances in wada list. I think